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Tough as nails and with a steely determination to match, Digitex founder Adam Todd is not your regular CEO. In fact, Digitex is not your regular company either. Growing up in the public eye, Adam has been both vocally praised and criticized throughout the 22-month journey so far.

This colorful ex-pit trader with a mouth like a sailor is the first to admit that building a commission-free futures exchange is f**king hard. He’s had his ups and downs as a leader, always opting to make the tough calls and being relentless in his quest for excellence. Digitex is the culmination of Adam’s dream and living proof that nothing is impossible when you set your sights on it.


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Smart Contracts
Leaders in the field of Blockchain Smart Contracts & Application Security. SmartDec created the ERC223 token interface and all of Digitex’s Smart Contracts.
Visit: smartdec.net