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Find out how Digitex makes zero-fee trading possible
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Digitex has a singular mission

Digitex has a
singular mission

to create more winning traders

Futures markets

The futures markets hold vast potential for profits that are currently unrealized due to the traditional revenue models of exchanges, which are based on a per-transaction fee. This model means that the most active and loyal traders are generating liquidity - the lifeblood of any exchange - while handing over their hard-won profits.

Even worse, many exchanges operate internal trading desks that are working against the traders.

Digitex is different

The DGTX token offers a revolutionary new model of revenue generation, meaning that Digitex users pay no commissions. Digitex is the world’s first zero-fee futures trading platform with interests aligned to that of its traders.

Face of Digitex

The face of Digitex is CEO and Founder Adam Todd. Tough as nails and with a steely determination to match, Adam is not your regular CEO. Growing up in the public eye, Adam has been both vocally praised and criticized throughout the Digitex journey so far.

This colorful ex-pit trader with a mouth like a sailor is the first to admit that building a commission-free futures exchange is f**king hard. He’s had his ups and downs as a leader, always opting to make the tough calls and being relentless in his quest for excellence. Digitex is the culmination of Adam’s dream and living proof that nothing is impossible when you set your sights on it.

Adam founded Digitex in 2017, launching with a sell-out token sale that raised $5.2 million in just 17 minutes. From that moment, Adam knew his idea was a winning formula destined to be a hit among traders. Since then, Adam has been on a singular mission to make Digitex a success.

Notable milestones

Since the ICO, notable milestones have included the:

January 2019

Formation of the Digitex Treasury

The Treasury puts Digitex in the position of being among the few blockchain projects that have used their own token to create a sustainable source of funding over the critical startup years.

November 2019

Digitex beta platform

The beta platform has proved itself capable of handling over 22 billion contracts in a 24-hour period. Even more impressive is the demonstration of Digitex’s one-click trading ladder interface - a first for the cryptocurrency industry.

April 2020

Digitex Mainnet soft launch

Digitex has launched on mainnet, onboarding its long-standing and loyal supporters in phases.

Digitex today

Today, the Digitex team comprises more than 30 talented and motivated people, united in achieving Adam’s vision of creating more winning traders. The team blends expertise in areas including exchange operations and customer experience, marketing, branding, content development, and user engagement.

With a cutting-edge, intuitive trading platform boasting tremendous volume capacity, an innovative revenue model, a visionary CEO, and a stellar team, Digitex Futures is blazing a new trail among zero-fee exchanges.