by Christina Comben
Check out this educational video by Cryptrader in which he shows you our latest new UI features and gives some important advice as well.
03 Apr 2020
by Digitex News
It's non-stop action at Digitex. The Treasury sold out 4 times yesterday and the DGTX token is officially back in the top 100.
02 Apr 2020
by Christina Comben
In this article, we meet Nick Ovchinnik, the new Head of Business Development at Digitex. Find out his ambitious plans for the project here.
01 Apr 2020
by Sarah Rothrie
Investors are flocking to gold as a traditional safe-haven asset, but the global shutdown is having a curious effect on its supply - what (if anything) does this mean for the crypto markets? Find out.
31 Mar 2020
by Dave Reiter
What's been going on in the cryptocurrency markets in March? Check out this in-depth analysis by our resident Market Analyst Dave Reiter.
30 Mar 2020
by Digitex News
Digitex is excited to announce a brand-new partnership with Korean-based cryptocurrency data aggregators Xangle. Check it out.
27 Mar 2020