by Dave Reiter
Adam Todd, the founder and CEO of Digitex, has been a very successful short-term futures trader and speculator throughout his career. Todd’s vision with Digitex is to create an exchange that completely eliminates all transaction fees for the customers who trade through Digitex.
15 Mar 2020
by Digitex News
We had tons of entries to our #iamwithDFE Telegram competition, find out who the winners are and what they had to say.
13 Mar 2020
by Christina Comben
We wanted to get your feedback so we ran a poll on Telegram. The majority voted for purple and blue branding of the Digtex UI. Read more about it here.
12 Mar 2020
by Christina Comben
If you're wondering how we'll keep the Treasury topped up to make for a seamless user experience, find out about the DGTX buy-back here.
11 Mar 2020
by Christina Comben
We are now officially a no KYC exchange. True to his word last week, Digitex Futures has now removed all requirements to upload any identity documents when you buy from our Treasury...
10 Mar 2020
by Dave Reiter
Speculative trading involves three different time frames: long-term trading, short-term trading and day trading...
09 Mar 2020