Announcing the Digitex OTC Trading Desk 1

Announcing the Digitex OTC Trading Desk


In response to an increasing number of requests from members of our community, we are launching an OTC trading desk to facilitate transactions of 500,000 DGTX or more.

If you would like to buy or sell smaller amounts of DGTX, please head to one of our exchange partners where our exchange token is listed.

Benefits of Buying or Selling DGTX Tokens Over-The-Counter

  • Zero commission:  Commission charges on large volume orders on cryptocurrency exchanges can be expensive. Our OTC trading desk is a free service that charges zero commissions or withdrawal fees or costs of any kind.
  • Zero slippage: Buying or selling a large number of tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange can be difficult and will result in poor price execution. When buying or selling tokens over-the-counter you won’t suffer any price slippage, regardless of how large the transaction.
  • Deal directly with Digitex:  Buying or selling tokens over-the-counter removes the need for you to open an account with a third party cryptocurrency exchange if you do not want to do so. All OTC trades are done via Skype, resulting in quick and easy transactions with full support from our staff through the entire process.

Why Buy DGTX?

Even in a relentless bear market that’s been cruel to all major currencies, DGTX has shown enormous potential and undeniable results. In fact, right now we are 60X against ETH since our ICO and one of the top Best Performing tokens in 2018! And did we mention, we’re the only commission-free futures exchange out there?

Currently, among the top 100 coins on CoinMarketCap and holding our value (currently at 77), DGTX has already proven itself as a worthy coin. With decentralized account balances and zero commission fees, plus the addition of more futures markets and spot trading, Digitex will be unstoppable in 2019!

Our Early Access Waitlist is already at almost 800K–that means that close to one million people are signed up and waiting to access our exchange! Buying DGTX now at a knock-down price is an opportunity for investors to buy in before the public launch and the natural increase in demand and exchange token price.


We’re able to offer zero-fee trading thanks to our native DGTX exchange token that covers the operational costs of the exchange. All traders need to purchase DGTX for all transactions on the exchange, which means that like the Binance coin, BNB, DGTX has every chance of becoming a top CoinMarketCap exchange token in 2019.

In fact, since our ICO on Jan 15 this year, which sold out in 15 minutes, the exchange token price was less than a cent at $0.0083. Today, DGTX is trading at around $0.064.


And in October, we reached an all-time high of $0.15–nearly a 2,000 percent increase at its highest point! This activity propelled DGTX into one of CoinMarketCap’s top three gainers and consolidated our place among the Top 100 cryptos (currently at 77).


We’re proud to have some of the busiest social media channels in the industry and one of the top 10 busiest and most engaged Telegram groups in the whole world with 24/7 round the clock support.

Even before we’ve released the working exchange to the public, this tremendous amount of support goes to show the validity and demand for Digitex Futures, as well as the strong interest that it generates. Purchasing DGTX now is the perfect opportunity before the large spike in demand that will certainly be caused by the public launch to over 800K users!

How to Buy or Sell DGTX OTC?

If you are interested in buying or selling DGTX in blocks of 500,000 or more, send us your information on the form below. One of our staff members will contact you within a couple of hours.


Wrapping it Up

We’ve been saying it since our ICO and we continue to shout it today–Digitex Futures is a mold-breaking cryptocurrency futures trading platform that will not only shake up the crypto industry but also the trillion-dollar futures market. The spaceship is about to launch–make sure you’re ready and get stocked up with DGTX today.

IMPORTANT We will only ever communicate over Skype, we will NEVER contact via Telegram.
Only send payments to:
ETH & DGTX: 0x55f6E7dE27548DDD0ca3474869963B9D31C6C874
BTC: 3HfgPocFwjze4KcGN1gXx7F8nFhPrt36MB

We will never ask you to send payments or tokens to any other address.