The DFE Mainnet is Live, But Digitex is Just Getting Started

After two very long and very eventful years, April 27th 2020 marked the sweetest of victories for Adam, his team, and all of Digitex’s supporters. With the mainnet now a reality,  even despite a global pandemic, we take a look at why this project now, justifiably, has the brightest of futures. 

A Promise Delivered!

For who anyone hasn’t followed the highs and lows of the Digitex story, it’s safe to say that April 27, 2020 was a critical moment for Digitex Futures. With two high-profile delays already behind them, a third failure would have all but crushed the dream. 

So as I sat there with the first 20 traders on Telegram, watching the mainnet launch countdown tick down to zero, the nervous excitement was palpable. Almost to the second, the holding page came down, and there, in front of us, was Adam’s unique vision made real. A fully functioning live trading environment complete with market makers faithfully following the spot price. 

Within minutes we all jumped in. Trading was tentative to start with, but nothing focuses the mind like putting real money on the line. It wasn’t long though, until the Telegram chatter was alive with 1 tick gains and proud screenshots of realized profit. Of course, it didn’t take long for me to join in the fun and after some nerve-wracking login issues (thanks for the calm patience Jolien!) I made my first 4 DGTX tokens from 20 contracts long, about 8 minutes in. You can watch it on the video below! 

It was a fantastic moment for all involved, especially given the eventful path taken to get here. It was truly the moment this project moved from a promising concept to actual working reality. 

A Liquidity Magnet.

Since then, in the couple of weeks I’ve had with the exchange, a few things have struck me that bode incredibly well for the future of this project.

Firstly, even at these early stages, with the relatively small number of traders and limited liquidity, trading the ladder has been fluid and importantly, profitable. 

Put into context, this means that unlike other exchanges that start with low liquidity, high spreads, and negative trading experiences, early traders on DFE are having an absolute blast on the exchange. This is going to create a positive feedback loop that in turn will attract new traders to the exchange and increase liquidity.

Secondly, the unique configuration of zero fees and the trading ladder interface effectively eliminates traditional spreads and reduces the cost of entering and exiting trades to absolute zero. Most importantly, it allows traders to manage risk effectively. This is not just lip service either, the results for my trading performance have been huge, providing me the ability to make 2% profits daily since I started.

Thirdly, this exchange is highly addictive. I’m already having to strictly structure when I trade, Given the opportunity, I will spend hours on it, creating havoc for my deadlines – like this article, which I submitted very close to the wire!

With similar stories of phones by beds, and hours melting away at the ladder, it’s clear that the exchange generates volume and participation by design.

In essence, DFE is an addictive, liquidity magnet, in a win-win situation with its user base. Just let that sink in.

Building a Powerhouse Brand

If I’m ever asked about what it takes to start a business, one of the first examples I’ll cite will be Adam’s founder journey. Not only is it out there on YouTube for all to see, but it’s also representative of the kind of resilience and determination that it takes to move an idea to reality. 

Not only has he managed to get Digitex Futures Exchange to the start line in world-class shape, despite the huge setbacks. He has also shown solid leadership, especially in the latter stages. By building a team of experts around him, he is setting up the exchange for success, whilst simultaneously freeing himself to drive the Digitex brand forward.

By pulling this off, he has changed the narrative from a CEO with ideas that are perhaps above his station, to that of a tenacious, if slightly unconventional tech leader who delivered against all odds. It’s the kind of reputation that creates stories, interest, and importantly, as Adam mentioned in the recent AMA, attracts investment.

So it’s not surprising that in typical entrepreneurial fashion, whilst we’ve barely had a moment to soak in the success of the mainnet launch, Adam is already down the road looking to expand the utility of the DGTX token. With the mainnet in safe hands and rolling out successfully, it appears plans are in motion that makes Digitex a compelling and ambitious business to watch. As a holder of DGTX, this kind of news means I could not be more optimistic about the future. 

Sound Tokenomics

Added to all of this is the highly compelling tokenomics. Just a cursory glance of the white paper shows the potential for DGTX price appreciation. However with the recent mainnet progress, and news from the AMA, the potential for DGTX holders is as exciting as trading the DFE ladder. 

Consider a hugely strong base of holders restricting supply. A world-class exchange that’s built to be in favor of traders. An army of highly motivated supporters that both cannot wait to get onto the exchange and help promote the brand. You can see that Digitex is building a head of steam that will very likely lead to some exciting token price growth.

Where exactly that price will continue to be a subject of much speculation and modeling. Upper estimates for DGTX range from the conservative right through to the massive, however, they all share one clear message. Its ultimate destination is higher from here.

With Adam teasing even greater ambitions for driving value to the token through a suite of complementary services and platforms. A cutting-edge futures exchange ready for mass adoption in early summer. The case to grab your share of DGTX token now for the long term has become even more compelling.

Wrapping It Up

It’s clear that interest in futures trading is exploding, along with increased crypto awareness due to the recent BTC halving. Digitex, it seems, could not be better placed to enter the market. Whole populations are currently re-evaluating what work should be and as a result, people will be researching new ways to diversify income streams, especially in the wake of the pandemic lockdown. 

In that context, a futures trading platform that is fair and actually makes it possible for disciplined traders to carve out a living with just an internet connection, a laptop, and some practice, will generate huge interest. Not only within the huge multi-billion dollar addressable futures market, but also through attracting fresh new people to the space.

For Digitex the future’s so bright, it may have to wear shades!

Wondering how to get your hands on DGTX? There are several options. You can buy through our exchange partners or Changelly Instant, but the best way to support Digitex is to buy your DGTX tokens from the Treasury. It’s instant, secure, and trustless, and you can avoid paying exchange fees. Furthermore, tokens sold through the Treasury provide a sustainable means of funding the Digitex platform over the next two years, ensuring a healthy period of stabilization post-launch.