Catch Digitex CEO at the Barcelona Trading Conference 1

Catch Digitex CEO at the Barcelona Trading Conference

On the 10th to 11th July, the breath-taking city of Barcelona will be hosting its first Barcelona Trading Conference. Organized by Finance Magnates and Ultimate Fintech, this unmissable event will bring together major players from all sides of technology and finance. There will be keynote speeches, workshops (one held by Adam himself), and, of course, scintillating hallway discussions about all things trading, and institutional adoption of crypto assets. 

The Barcelona Trading Conference

Unlike many industry conferences where ticket prices are high, you can register completely free and enjoy two full days of listening to industry professionals from around the world debating the hottest topics in the space. 
Slated for discussion already is the topic of how the financial services industry is adapting to crypto innovation, what technology is doing to the space, and the growing prevalence of cryptocurrency trading.
Among the speakers and attendees will be top banking executives, exchange founders, CEOs, CTOs, and other chief representatives from plenty of fintech and digital technology companies. There will also be a talk from Pere Aragonès, Vice President and Minister of Economy and Finance of the Government of Catalan, to share initiatives being taken to foster to the crypto ecosystem in this forward-looking part of the world.
As a trading conference, of course, all the major exchanges will be there from Binance to Bitstamp, Bitfinex, eToro, and many others. There will also be smaller exchanges and some DEXs joining in the conversation about how to build a user base and overcome their infamous liquidity issues.
Digitex Futures is looking forward to connecting with more of our peers over two glorious days of everything related to trading! We’ll also be meeting interested parties, investors, traders, and–of course–any of our Digitex community who simply want to come along and meet Adam in person.

How to Make Trading More Accessible and Less Expensive

In the morning of the second day, Adam will be giving an exclusive workshop on how to make trading more accessible and less expensive. This will be a great opportunity to introduce the Digitex project to new eyes particularly in the Spanish arena.
It will also give Adam another chance to stand up for the retail trader and explain why and how Digitex will remove commission fees from futures trading and allow traders to make greater gains without a mechanical edge against them in the form of institutional market makers.
With so much interest on the institutional money, Digitex is something of an odd-ball being built for the retail trader. Yet, so many traditional retail traders are paying out exorbitant fees to a broker right now or losing profits to fee-charging exchanges like OKEx and Binance, prohibiting certain short-term trading tactics such as scalping.
Adam will explain how Digitex tokenomics works, and speak in greater depth about the latest developments at our commission-free exchange. This will include our recent decision to become a DAO, yesterday’s token burning proposal–and plenty more besides!
Alongside Bitfinex talking about its year ahead and OKCoin walking participants through its institutional program, Adam’s workshop is bound to be one of the most interesting and highly attended at the event. 
So, if you find yourself in Barcelona or even a short flight away, make the time to come over and learn from the brightest minds in the Crypto world. 

Networking at the Event

Gaudi’s Barcelona is like wandering around in a fairytale with its baroque buildings, jaw-dropping Sagrada Familia cathedral, and dream-like architecture that tells a million stories. It’s also one of the most throbbing cities in Europe when it comes to nightlife, networking, and round-the-clock parties. 
The event organizers will be arranging a free electronic after-party for everyone to attend, make contacts, unwind, and drink in the stunning views of the Mediterranean. So be sure to add this one to your agenda to learn more about cryptocurrency trading, Digitex’s exciting plans, and the most beautiful city in Spain.