Digitex Is Bringing the Advantages of Crypto-Based Trading to Traditional Markets 1

Digitex Is Bringing the Advantages of Crypto-Based Trading to Traditional Markets

During the past few weeks, Digitex has made some major announcements. Not only will we be ready for public launch on 30th April, but we’re expanding the list of tradeable products by including traditional futures markets as well. In addition to crypto futures, Digitex traders will have access to products such as precious metals, forex, indices, and tech stocks like Facebook and Apple. We’ll be the very first futures exchange to offer commission-free trading for these markets. Here’s what it means.

Traditional Futures Markets on the Digitex Exchange

One might instantly consider investing in traditional futures markets a chance to diversify their investment portfolio. Any savvy broker or investor understands the importance of this. However, this is not what Digitex is offering by listing traditional markets and it’s important to make the distinction.
As a crypto futures exchange, all trades are settled in crypto in our native DGTX token. So, whether you decide to trade contracts on gold and tech stocks or BTC and LTC, be aware that your investment portfolio using the Digitex platform remains within the bucket of cryptocurrency.
So, if you’re not diversifying your investment portfolio, what are the advantages to Digitex by offering these additional markets and–more importantly–what are the benefits to traders? Let’s take a closer look.

Widening the Pool of Traders

We’ve mentioned many times that as an exchange one of the key differences that sets us apart from the rest is that our interests are aligned with our traders. We both want the same thing you do and that is price appreciation of the DGTX token.
By adding traditional markets to the exchange, Digitex is widening the pool of traders who will sign up and use our exchange. This means that traders who are active in traditional markets but have not been interested in cryptocurrency until now will come to us.
We’re offering a hybrid model with traditional assets, which are settled in crypto. This means we can offer them commission-free trading and (in the near future) non-custodial accounts. This is something that simply cannot be done in fiat.
With Digitex, all roads lead to price appreciation. By onboarding traditional futures traders, we’ll be increasing the demand for the token and therefore its price.

Helping to Bring Cryptocurrency to a Larger Market

Offering tech stocks, Forex, indices, and other markets will give traditional traders the financial instruments they feel comfortable trading with all settled in cryptocurrency. Demand for DGTX will rise and along with that demand, we will increase cryptocurrency adoption among a group of traders who haven’t been exposed until now.
Currently, many traditional traders pay large commission fees to brokers to access the markets they want to. They also don’t have control over their own funds. Digitex gives them the power to hold their own funds and trade their favorite markets in a fast and seamless environment without paying a single commission fee.
For cryptocurrency technology to thrive and even survive, we need to reach a wider audience. By offering traditional markets (e.g. investing in indices and futures), Digitex will help onboard more and more users to the crypto industry. This will help increase wider adoption as well as increase our token price.

The Advantages for Crypto Traders

Many cryptocurrency traders haven’t had the chance to access traditional markets yet. Perhaps they don’t have an understanding of how they work, they haven’t had the opportunity or maybe it hasn’t occurred to them yet. We’ll be giving them exposure to a whole new world of futures markets, an industry valued in the trillions of dollars.
Better than that, they’ll be able to access these traditional markets without needing to open up fiat accounts with CFD brokers.
We give you exposure to asset classes that, until now, has only been possible through fiat-based accounts with traditional brokers who often charge a lot and hold on to your funds. We are breaking the mold.

Shaking Up the Market, Ahead of the Curve

At Digitex, we realize that being on the cutting-edge means exactly that. You have to consistently shake things up, change things, disrupt, and improve. That’s why we’re bringing the advantages of crypto-based trading to the traditional markets.
It’s this constant need to be on the bleeding-edge that attracts so many forward-thinking traders to our community. It’s also why it has taken us just over a year to develop our community and a world-class product from scratch.
As Lidia, our CMO, mentioned in her article yesterday, unlike many other development processes, ours has been a very public affair, in the spotlight from day one. This has placed us under additional scrutiny at times, but it’s also given a key advantage.
Thanks to getting ahead on building our community, on gathering a massive waitlist of traders, and a huge group of supporters on Telegram, we’re in a much better position than a business that developed their product in private–but then has to find a market for it. We already have a hungry crowd ready and waiting from day one.