Spreading the Word About Digitex at the Barcelona Trading Conference 1

Spreading the Word About Digitex at the Barcelona Trading Conference

It’s been an eventful two days at the Barcelona Trading Conference with representatives from all the major exchanges present. From a keynote speech by eToro’s founder Yoni Assia to the hot topic of liquidity and speeding up decentralized exchanges, the conversations have been flowing. We met Digitex supporters from around the globe and Adam’s workshop was one of the best attended and well received of the event. Check out the highlights below.

Non-Stop Action in Barcelona

The sun has been shining in a glorious summer in one of Europe’s most spectacular cities. With a laid-back Spanish vibe, the conference drew a good-sized crowd with exhibitors including exchanges, liquidity providers, market makers, and media.
Day one was the perfect opportunity to network, meet and greet. Adam was recognized by people everywhere, and we had the pleasure of meeting Robert Linney and his wife who flew in from the UK to meet the Digitex CEO.
As long-term DGTX HODLers and supporters, Robert’s 83-year-old mother is also a DGTX investor. So we’d like to extend a very special thank you to them for making the effort to come and for giving us their continued support.

Commission-Free Trading for a New Generation of Traders

Of course, the main reason Adam was invited to this conference was to give a talk on commission-free trading and how it will shake-up the trading ecosystem. The perfect advocate for this topic, Adam shared his personal experiences as a trader and what made him come up with the idea for the zero fee trading model.
Adam’s workshop on zero fee crypto futures trading and the Digitex model was well attended. He explained how Digitex will remove commissions through our DGTX token minting revenue model, how we’re working on the non-custodial accounts, and a provably fair matching engine.
He told the audience his motivation for creating a trading environment that will really benefit short term scalper traders as he spoke of his trading days back in the pit in London.

“From very short term trading you can grind out a profit nine days out of 10. The killer is commissions. Commissions on that type of short term trading can turn a profitable day when you’ve made ticks to actually losing money in commissions… I always had a dream of trading futures without that type of fee… That really is a game-changing scenario.”

He discussed the importance of the non-custodial side and users not having to trust the exchange with their funds, where Digitex is at now, and how we’re working as hard as possible to release our Beta versions soon.
At the end of the session, he took several questions from how we’ll offset DGTX volatility to the types of markets we’ll be adding, and of course the inevitable “when moon?” At the final question, Adam laughed, explaining that we’re not able to give out dates yet. But with a cheeky glint in his eye he replied in no uncertain terms “moon soon.”

Having a Talk with Finance Magnates

Following the workshop, he had an interview with Finance Magnets–hosts of the BTC Barcelona Trading Conference. Journalist Rachel McIntosh asked Adam how the conference was going, and about the inner workings of commission-free futures trading.
Barcelona Finance Magnates

Networking and More

Adam was interviewed by YouTuber Thomas Hunt of World Crypto Network about the exchange, removing commissions, and the journey so far. We made some valuable connections to expand our network, spread the word, and show that Digitex is here to stay. 
We also caught up with Michele of Crypto Gem, the Changelly team who were exhibiting at the event and had the chance to put faces to the names of the people we exchange emails with. In case you weren’t aware, you can buy DGTX easily with just an email address when you sign in with a Changelly account.
At the end of the day, there was a jam-packed networking event at Barcelona’s swanky Catwalk Club. Out on the terrace, overlooking the beach, it was the perfect chance to unwind and speak about business and personal life in a relaxed environment with hundreds of guests from around the world.