Hey Community - Here’s What We Need from You This Week


There’s lots going on at Digitex as we pull everything together for the mainnet launch, and we have a few points to address. To start with, we need you to be more active now than ever in giving your honest feedback to help make the DFE the leading exchange in the crypto derivatives space. Your tickets and suggestions have been key to finding and fixing bugs - and it’s time we said thank you for your help.

A DGTX Coin for Your Help and Support

Many of you have (rightfully) brought up the fact that you have been helping report bugs to us since the launch of the beta and you haven’t been rewarded for your help. Well, you know what? You’re right. We have been gathering your feedback and suggestions for some time now and they’ve been instrumental in getting us this far.

We have been debugging for almost four months now and the platform is truly outstanding. Of course, we have our relentless CEO and talented team of developers to thank for that. But, once again, the entire Digitex team could not have done this without you. Therefore, we will be going through the tickets since the launch of the beta and picking out the most valuable suggestions. 

If your name comes up as one of the most active people in giving your ideas, we’ll be getting in touch to send you your very own limited-edition solid silver and diamond DGTX collector’s coin. We don’t have many of these coins left so you’ll be among the very last people who can claim to own one of these stunning treasures - and you truly have earned it as a valuable member of the Digitex community. We’ll be letting the winners know shortly.

Improving the User Experience

Next up on our item list for this week, our Community Manager Jolien started a new poll on Telegram in the form of a Google doc questionnaire. This is very important to us as it will give us the chance to gauge whether we’ve nailed the user experience or not. Please fill out the form and let us know if you have any suggestions for how we can improve or if you think we’ve gotten it just right.

We’ve already received tons of feedback about the User Interface (UI) but the User Experience (UX) is also incredibly important. This is how simple it is to navigate the exchange, how easy it is to go through the onboarding process, and whether there’s anything we can improve on. 

For example, is it clear what to do when you signup for the exchange? Can you easily tell how to navigate? Do you understand how to get DGTX and the relationship of DGTX with trading? Please share your ideas with us. We’ll be following up with another post on this next week to share the best ideas and feedback. And, once again, the contributors with the best ideas will bag themselves a DGTX coin.

Calling All Blog Contributors - Are You In?

Finally, we’d really like to have more regular contributors to our blog. It just makes sense, so many of you have such useful things to say and are highly active on our social channels. Now more than ever as we move closer to launch, we’d love to have help with some tips and training videos showing newcomers to Digitex how to trade. So, please come forward if you think you’d like to do this or if you're an expert with trading signals or market analysis.

As you know, we're big on content marketing and we're looking for more industry experts like you. We want to produce more winning traders. That’s not just a gimmick but a real desire and if you think you can give advice to new users on the platform, please let us know. Simply drop us a line on Telegram or via email at support@digitexfutures.com. That’s it for now. Once again, thanks for all your help and for being the best community ever.