Community Management Is a Top Priority for Digitex Futures 1

Community Management Is a Top Priority for Digitex Futures

Ever since we started, the core component that has kept us going is our community. Right from the very beginning, we created such a buzz that our ICO sold out in 17 minutes. Ever since then, the Digitex Futures community has been growing–discussing, commenting, debating, and, sometimes, complaining. But they’ve always been active and loyal. Here, our Head of Community Management Gary Finlay talks about his journey so far and his favorite parts of the job.

Head of Digitex Community Management

Gary Finlay Head of Digitex Futures Community ManagementIf you’re already in our Telegram group, you’ll know who Gary is. His upbeat, positive, can-do attitude is probably one of his greatest assets. But he’s also incredibly smart, giving, and exceptionally good at helping people. With a background in owning small businesses in his native Australia, he explains “effective communication and management of customers’ expectations has become part of my core skill set.”
So, how did Gary get into crypto, when did he start working for Digitex, and what motivates him every day? Check out this Q&A with one of your favorite Telegram admins and integral part of the Digitex core team.

CC: How did you get into cryptocurrency and why did it catch your attention?

GF: Having heard about Bitcoin many years ago, I sadly missed the early boat and only got in during 2017. Since then, with much research, I’ve come to see how transformative it can be for the world and the scope of potential applications beyond just a simple store of value. If Crypto was compared to the internet, this is the ‘dial up’ stage and the best is yet to come.

CC: How did you hear about the Digitex project and what made you want to work with the company?

GF: I heard about Digitex from a friend who planned to buy during the ICO. I looked into it and decided to join so stayed up till midnight local time to purchase as soon as the ICO went live. Turns out, my friend waited till the following morning to buy as he didn’t think it would sell out as fast as it did so ended up missing out!
A couple of months later, I got offered an admin role in the Digitex Telegram after being spotted helping out random newcomers. Formalizing what I was already doing and getting remuneration for the effort was a no-brainer and the recent promotion to Head of Community Management allows me to coordinate the Telegram admins while also providing Helpdesk support for those who want assistance via email.

CC: What are the main tasks in your role at Digitex? How has that role grown?

GF: Apart from looking after the TG admins, my role is to be an information conduit between management, the admins and the thousands of TG users. News and company information gets passed down the chain to the group and feedback, questions and ideas get passed back up to the management.

CC: What’s your favorite part about the job?

GF: Probably the best part of working remotely is the ability to perform the job not only from the computer but to work anywhere from an iPhone. This also allows a certain degree of flexibility that wouldn’t happen in an office type environment.
Also, being able to share my knowledge is great, whether it’s educating on how to send, receive and safely store DGTX, detailing how margin trading works or assisting with disseminating relevant information from our news and blog archives.

CC: And the most challenging?

GF: Hard to narrow down the most challenging aspect… The only difficult parts of the role are overcoming language barriers and managing the token-holders’ expectations.

CC: Anything else you would like to add?

GF: Glad to be along for the ride with the team, can’t wait for the Digitex Futures exchange to launch, the traders to start flocking in, and the next part of the journey to begin!
I think Gary pretty much summed up everyone’s sentiment in the Digitex community! We’re all anxiously waiting for the exchange to launch and to take the next steps with a working product.
Stay tuned for updates, we’ll be sharing the latest developments with you very soon. And be sure to join in the conversation on Telegram or follow us on Twitter.