Here’s Why Digitex Futures Is Expanding Its Team 1

Here’s Why Digitex Futures Is Expanding Its Team

If you caught Adam’s video update yesterday, you may have heard him mention that Digitex Futures is expanding its team. You already know that we have 10 developers in Moscow working tirelessly on the exchange code assessment. But, as Adam mentioned, we’ve been making adjustments on the marketing side as well. It’s frustrating for everyone waiting for launch updates, but we’re ensuring that all the pieces are in place so that we can “blast out of the gates” from the middle of this month.

Competing with Major Exchanges for Traffic

If you run or work in any kind of business with a website and internet presence, you’ll know that one of the most important things is driving traffic to that site. We’ve made so much noise by now that most people in the cryptocurrency community have heard of Digitex Futures.
However, especially for newer entrants to the market and for those who aren’t yet aware of our project, we want to make Digitex easier for them to find. That’s why we’ve incorporated an SEO team to ensure that our website is optimized and that we start ranking higher for our important keywords.
For example, type in “Digitex Futures” into your preferred search engine and we’re always number one. However, type in “commission free cryptocurrency exchange” for example, and we don’t make the first page.
All of this is crucial to attracting more traders to the exchange, more investors in the DGTX token, and reaching our goals of becoming a top 10 exchange. We expect to see results from this over the next two to three months.

Converting Cold, Warm, and Hot Leads

Of course, as soon as we launch the exchange, the conversion metrics will look a lot different. Among our goals will be turning cold, warm, and hot leads into active account holders and traders and quantifying how many each month. But currently, we want to increase awareness of the exchange, and drive new eyes to our project.
We’ll be stepping up our presence on social media across all channels, and in fact, we’ve already started with Instagram, as you may have noticed. While we wait for the development timeframe of the exchange launch, it’s absolutely vital that we use this downtime correctly. That’s why we’re building up our team so that we’re ready to hit the ground running from the middle of this month.

Improving Communications Internally and Externally

Adam is such a huge personality that he is, without question, the face of Digitex and the brains behind it. However, no man is an island and Adam has a strong team behind him to rely on. Part of the process as we prepare for launch and to scale up is ensuring that we have a solid internal communications structure in place.
We’re still a remote team with employees spanning the continents from the Americas to Europe and Australasia. While this is par for the course in the blockchain industry, sometimes working through time zones and cultures can be hard. Therefore, we’re stepping up our internal communications efforts to ensure that we’re all on the same page and can handle more employees efficiently as we grow.
We’re also investing in our external communications and brand image beyond the website, blog, and social media. Adam mentioned that we’re now working with a new PR team to increase awareness for the project in new markets, to position Adam as a thought leader in this space, and to get him speaking on the stage more frequently.
We have plenty of plans in the pipeline with many conference appearances on the horizon throughout Asia and Europe. So, watch this space!
You may have also noticed that Adam didn’t let out any swearwords in the last video. We’re growing up, listening to community feedback, and understanding that we need a more professional tone to attract new investors and instil confidence. We also have plenty of exciting interviews and press placements lined up to really cause a buzz.
Finally, as you saw yesterday, Adam is now on Twitter. He’s really looking forward to being active on the platform and replying to as many of your questions as possible–as well as giving his opinions on cryptocurrency industry events and updates on development.

Going After the Asian Market

One of our biggest goals up until launch is gaining momentum in the Asian market. Over the coming months, we will be working with local teams to help us build up social networks and spread the word about Digitex in this region.
South Korea is a particularly interesting market for us as cryptocurrency trading and adoption is high in this country and the government is drafting blockchain-friendly regulation.
We will also be creating localized marketing campaigns, support, and Telegram groups in different languages as we grow–starting with the Russian Telegram group, which is growing fast and we’re adding admins to.

The Takeaway

As Adam mentioned, it may feel like there’s nothing going on, but we’re busier than ever behind the scenes. We are well-funded, excited to be working with the best talent in all areas, and ready to shoot for the moon!