Your Feedback on the Digitex Futures User Experience


We know we say it an awful lot, but that really is because we mean it! The Digitex Futures community is, without doubt, the best in the entire crypto space. This week, we asked you to help us out by providing feedback and suggestions on how easy to use the Digitex Futures interface is and whether there’s anything that you would like to see changed. We were flooded with responses. Let’s take a look at some of the main ones.

Learning How to Trade on the DFE

A recurring theme that we saw come up was a request for more educational material upon sign up. This is an excellent suggestion and, in fact, we’re already working on producing this. We’ve also put out a request to anyone who would like to help us create educational content to guide and support new users. So, if you’re interested in working with us or know someone who might be, be sure to get in touch!

In fact, we already have some excellent videos that our community members have created and we’ll be adding to this collection as we get closer to the mainnet launch. Take a look at the below suggestion, for example. It’s a great idea and we’ll be taking it on board:

“For someone who is brand new to ladder and futures trading, being directed to a simple tutorial as part of the signup process would be helpful because it’s such a radically different way to trade.”

As we mentioned, this suggestion was echoed a few times by other community members who would like more help from us:

“Original Digitex Futures video-tutorial for beginners with explaining the first steps will help many new traders. A simple/short one is enough. It does not have to be complex.”

So, Digitex community, fear not. We’ve always said that our goal is to create as many winning traders as possible. Making the DFE easy and intuitive to use is one of the best ways we can do this - and helping explain the process to new users is a vital part of that.

Some Issues with the Trading Ladder

We had several comments about some usability issues with the trading ladder. One of you said that the ladder was taking too long to recenter. “When trading, every second counts. It worked perfectly fine at the beginning of the testnet because it was instant.” Another comment regarding the ladder was: “The ladder interface movement has become much worse after changes to it that were supposed to improve it. It now has a mind of its own at times whereas before it was very good.”

These comments are absolutely vital for us in nailing down the best possible user experience and interface we can. As you all know by now, the one-click trading ladder is one of Digitex’s killer features. We’ve put so much time, energy and resources into developing a truly amazing experience that we absolutely want to get it right. All your comments in regards to the ladder have been sent to the developers and we will be working to fix any lagging issues as soon as possible. 

Other Requested Features

Among some of the other requested features and comments were adding commas in big numbers, having price signals with alarms like on TradingView, and maybe even adding a bell sound when you’re close to liquidation. We also had some requests to further develop the manual trade section for traders who don’t want to use the ladder and removing some of the Digitex logos.

There has been no shortage of great ideas and individual requests. All the information has been sent to our developers and the issues that need fixing are already being worked on. As we’re coming up to a code freeze, some of the additional features that you don’t see right now may not be added until after mainnet. But, rest assured that we will do our level best to ensure that we keep as many of you as happy as possible.

As promised, over the next few days, we will also be picking out the best suggestions and going through the support tickets. Those of you who have really stepped up and been an integral part of the process of helping us improve the exchange will be rewarded. We’ll be contacting you soon and sending you out your very own DGTX coin. Until next week, stay safe and healthy and happy trading!