Meet Digitex’s Head of Customer Service & Experience - Chris Psallidas


It’s not just the UI, back office, or other components of the exchange that we’re busy working on in the run-up to mainnet launch. In fact, behind the scenes, we’re rapidly scaling up and building out our team so that we can offer the best customer service as well as a killer product. We’ve taken on countless new team members who you’ll be meeting in the coming weeks and today we’d like to introduce you to Chris Psallidas, Digitex Head of Customer Service and Experience.

Digitex Head of Customer Service & Experience

I ask Chris a little about his background and career trajectory before joining Digitex. He explains that he got his degree in Business and started working in the food industry. However, after he obtained his MBA, he became fascinated with the financial sector.

He later went into sales before opening his own business that provided services to crypto projects looking to build a social network and obtain more clients. “Prior to joining Digitex,” Chris says, “I served as a CMO and Product Manager in a crypto exchange ”

So, what appeals to Chris particularly about customer service and what are his plans in his new role for Digitex? He says, “The second most important part in a business aside from the product itself is the customer service. Digitex Futures has an incredible product, the platform is outstanding and the most important thing is it is absolutely free to use. Traders will definitely notice the exchange and come try it… 

Our goal is to maintain the traders and that can happen if we deliver outstanding customer service. We plan to achieve that by introducing a new Help Center and a live 24/7 customer support starting tomorrow. We have more plans down which we’ll be revealing soon.”

Chris’s Journey into the Blockchain Industry

From food and finance to sales, how did Chris end up working in the blockchain industry? His experience goes back to 2016 when he started briefly reading about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. He says, “Of course since then that evolved into more than just reading. It was around 2017 that I started working professionally in the blockchain industry.” 

Digitex Futures is not my first project in the industry, previously, I worked as a “promoter” for various ICO projects. In fact, I started assisting Digitex Futures in their marketing efforts back in 2018 and we kept a close relationship since then.” 

What Excites Chris About Working with Digitex

He says, “The project is unique from every perspective. First and what appeals to the majority of people is the fact that there are zero commissions. Also, the platform is outstanding but yet simple for traders to use. Regarding my role, we are working on many ideas about bringing our customer service and experience to the next level. Customer support is vital for every company to succeed, and especially when this company is operating in Crypto.”

Chris explains that in the past he had to endure “many unfortunate experiences with customer service provided by exchanges.” Although things have improved a lot since then, he feels that most support still falls way below acceptable standards, and certainly a long way from excellent. He adds, “Introducing a 24/7 live support is challenging given the size of our company at the moment but yet quite exciting.” 

What will an average day look like for Chris? That’s quite hard to define, especially as the role is so new, but he says, “There is a daily routine that I try to follow. I get up early (I am a morning person), read the news, check the list of the things I have to do for the day, get in touch with colleagues, work on my to-do list, and lastly create the list of things to do for the next day.”

Not to mention that during his first week with us, he openly told everyone on the team that he’s available 16 hours a day - and he means it - talk about dedication!

What Are the Biggest Challenges Ahead?

Chris says that working in a startup is always challenging, especially in the crypto space that never sleeps. “Operating an exchange in crypto is a 24/7, 365 days a year business where typical businesses operate an 8/5. And around 261 days.” 

This makes offering customer support even more challenging. “We need to be there for our traders every hour of the day and that is quite the challenge. If you add the clients that already have pre-registered to the platform with the anticipation of new clients to join in, we need to be ready to scale up fast but efficiently at the same time.” 

One of the things that Chris is most looking forward to is being part of a brand-new product, something that the crypto space has never seen before. He enthuses, “Definitely, I look forward to April 27 and going live but what I’m most looking forward to is the final product we are all working towards which expands to more than just the exchange and into an entire ‘Digitex world’.”

Wrapping it Up

So, Digitexers, you can get ready to see a few changes on the near-horizon. In fact, we’ll be launching our Help Center and Live Support later this week. Chris says that there will also be “a few more things added to our website regarding the customer experience. I would like to share more details about it but you will have to wait on that!”

He’s noticeably excited to be part of Digitex Futures and promises to do his best to be a great addition to the company. Any final words? He says, “To the Digitex holders I have to say: “hold tight as you are in for a ride!”