What’s Going on at Digitex? Check out This Video Update from Adam 1

What’s Going on at Digitex? Check out This Video Update from Adam

Happy Friday everyone! To wrap up the week and send you smiling into the weekend, check out Adam’s latest video update below. In it, he talks about the tearing DGTX price, our latest partnership with Spotware, and how you can scoop up your tokens quicker through the Digitex Treasury. Check it out.

Here Are Some of the Highlights:

30th April Launch Date

You already know by now, but in case you’ve been hiding in a cave over the last week or so, we finally set a date for the live public launch! The 30th April will go down in crypto history as the day that futures trading changed for good as we unleash our commission-free model on the market. Get ready!

Our Partnership with Spotware

This week in a live interview with Keith Wareing, Adam spoke in great depth about our new partnership with trading platform experts Spotware. The Cyprus-based firm has a team of over 110 developers and has already built one of the world’s most popular forex trading platforms, cTrader.
Spotware will be lending us their expertise as we finalize the features of the Digitex Futures platform. They’ll also be providing us with some of their best robust features, such as advanced trading tools and charting.

The Digitex Treasury Launch

We launched the Digitex Treasury exactly one week ago and we’re pleased to say that it’s been very well received. We were initially nervous about launching the Treasury since it took some time for people to understand that it wasn’t a way of dumping tokens. Far from it, in fact, the Treasury gives us a transparent and sustainable way of financing the exchange over the next two and a half years.
Just to recap, we locked 100 million DGTX tokens into a smart contract out of our control. 10 million tokens will be released every quarter and sold to the public. The price is at a slight premium so as not to undercut any token holders or exchanges. But for those looking for an easy way to buy, we offer a trustless, instant transaction. So far, we’ve sold around one-quarter of all tokens, with some 7.3 million DGTX left in just one week.

Digitex Making the News

We’ve had a lot of excitement about the price going up and that’s been picked up by several news outlets. So, thanks very much to all the media who are taking notice and supporting us! You can see these awesome pieces in Coin Rivet, Crypto Potato, Journal Transcript, and Hacked.
We’ve also been in Coin Telegraph and have many more media placements coming up! Adam has also done a ton of interviews with top influencers, including Crypto Beadles, Keith Wareing, and plenty more to come! As you can see, Adam’s a little excited as he says things can only going to go up from here until public launch!
If you want to support us, buy DGTX straight from the Treasury page or through one of our trusted exchange partners. Until next week!