Digitex Is Reopening Its Epic Waitlist - 5 Million DGTX Giveaway! 1

Digitex Is Reopening Its Epic Waitlist – 5 Million DGTX Giveaway!

We finally have a launch date for the testnet (30th November!) and we want to get started the best way possible. With more than 1.5 million people already signed up to our waitlist, there’s already a huge demand for zero fee Bitcoin futures trading. But since more active traders on the platform means more liquidity and greater demand for DGTX, we’re going to keep on growing our waitlist–and up the rewards for referrals as well.

The Digitex Waitlist Is Reopening

That’s right, the mammoth Digitex Waitlist is reopening! Will there be another chance to win free DGTX? Absolutely. Simply join the Digitex Waitlist and start sharing your unique link amongst your friends. The more friends you refer to the waitlist, the further up the list you get.
The top 10 names on the list will each win 50,000 DGTX each. And the top 500 names on the waitlist will get 1,000 DGTX each.
But the good news is that this time around we’re not just doing one waitlist–we’re doing 5 different waitlists! We’re launching a different waitlist for the South Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and English speaking markets! That’s a total of 5 MILLION DGTX that we’re giving away. 
This will incentivize people to spread the word about Digitex around the world and also help them receive accurate and relevant information in their respective languages. Everyone that signs up receives a series of emails in their own language telling them all about Digitex.
Join the South Korean / Japanese / Chinese / Russian / English Digitex Waitlist and start sharing your unique referral link.
As CEO and Founder of Digitex Futures Adam Todd enthused:

“The popularity of the Digitex waitlist demonstrates the massive demand for commission-free futures trading. That’s why we have decided to reopen it in new markets to bring new eyes to the project because we know what happens when we create a surge of traffic ahead of an anticipated launch date. The last time we launched our waitlist the token price went crazy after just a few weeks. And this time with our new affiliate program built into it I expect to see even better results.”

The Digitex Affiliate Program

To incentivize as many people as possible to join the Digitex Futures revolution, we’ve also launched our very first affiliate program! The affiliate program is designed to drive token sales to the Digitex Treasury. 
Simply sign up to our waitlist and share your unique link with friends. If any of your friends that you refer to the waitlist buy DGTX tokens from the Digitex Treasury, we’ll give you 15% of their purchase. And if any of your friends then refer their friends who end up buying DGTX from the Digitex Treasury, we’ll give you 5% of those sales too.
It’s really easy to track your sales and get paid. Simply create an account on our affiliate portal using the same email that you signed up to the waitlist and you’ll be able to track your sales. We payout your rewards in ETH on a daily basis.

How To Refer Friends and Earn ETH:

  1. Signup on the Digitex Waitlist to generate a unique link
  2. Share your unique link with friends
  3. Create an account on our affiliate portal to track your sales and get paid in ETH

The Takeaway

We couldn’t be more excited to launch the public testnet and share our exchange with you for the very first time. They say that the third time is a charm. This time around, we’ve got the perfect team for the job, we’re ready to market to and inform more countries around the world, and we’re giving affiliates serious rewards for their work. 
Please note that if you were among the last campaign winners, your name has been removed from the list. We want to give everyone an equal opportunity to receive the top prizes, that’s why the previous 5000 winners have been taken off and will need to reenter with a new email to participate. We wish you all the very best of luck–and thank you for helping us make Digitex epic!
Got questions about the waitlist, affiliate program, testnet, or anything else? Don’t be afraid to join in the conversation on Telegram or ask about Telegram in your native language.