Check Out the Latest Progress Report from SmartDec Development 1

Check Out the Latest Progress Report from SmartDec Development

While we’ve been busy at the Barcelona Trading Conference, SmartDec is powering ahead with the exchange development. With a team of 13 developers dedicated only to the Digitex project, we’re pulling out all the stops to bring you the game-changing exchange you’re waiting for. From continued progress on the user interface to the futures engine and back office, you can follow their work below.

Working to Ensure the User Interface Is Seamless

Usability is a key element to any cryptocurrency exchange and SmartDec is leaving no stone unturned. They are continuing the good work on making sure that creating an account and logging in is as simple and smooth as possible. 
As per this latest report, the team has now completed the log-in and sign-up pages and sent them to be quality controlled. They have also begun working on other pages and assigned further tasks to developers. 

Getting the Futures Engine Up to Speed

On further examination of the futures engine code, SmartDec has had to make a few further modifications. This includes identifying some functionality that is superfluous to the optimal running of the engine. 
This requires what the team calls a “clean up” of the code and the removal of some components. This work has been started and they will continue with this process until the code is 100 percent water-tight.

Database and Back Office Work

In what is called the “Postgres database,” refactoring and optimization have begun. The SmartDec team has already developed an updated database schema. This is key to the running of the exchange as it allows for queries to be optimized and for the delivery of a better user experience.
Regarding the back office work that needs to be done, the great news is that the team has already completed developing all the technical specifications. As soon as the interfaces have been prepared with the designers, the jobs will be broken down into tasks and assigned them to the developers.

Wrapping It Up

The SmartDec development team is making solid progress and we are extremely happy with the work done so far. After delivering a killer workshop about commission-free trading and the Digitex model at the Barcelona Trading Conference, Adam is back in the Moscow office today. 
He’s joined by our CMO Lidia Yadlos, who will be giving us greater information, updates, and pictures of the team at work. It’s still a process that we have to go through and we’re all eagerly awaiting its completion. But this level of thoroughness in development means that execution will be flawless. 
Keep following our blog for updates and keep the faith–as Adam replied to the last question in his workshop yesterday of “when moon?” “Moon soon.” 
If you aren’t already in our Telegram group, join in the conversation or follow us on Twitter. Thanks for your continued support in the Digitex project.