Check Out the Latest Update from Digitex CEO Adam Todd 1

Check Out the Latest Update from Digitex CEO Adam Todd

We know that the community has been getting restless and wondering why Adam has been so quiet. In this latest video update, he addresses your questions, explains where he is, what we’ve been doing, and where Digitex is going from here. Check it out.

Here Are the Main Takeaways

Development Update

A few people in the community were asking whether Adam was in Moscow or not and that seemed to be causing some confusion. Here he explains that he was in Moscow until last week but he had to return to finalize his long-term working visa. This will enable him to stay in Russia on a permanent basis. In the meantime, he’s been working with the SmartDec remotely on a daily basis. He enthuses:

“Such a pleasure to work with people like that, really smart.”

Adam addresses the issue of why we haven’t been putting out development updates by reminding the community that SmartDec is not starting from a blank page. The team has to go through an extensive assessment period first before making statements about the next step.

“We’ve got 400,000 lines of code that we built in Dublin over a year’s time with some very talented developers so SmartDec are assessing that line by line. They’re also researching the non-custodial part, whether we stick with Plasma or whether zkSNARKS are a better solution… they need time.”

Until the developers have had the time they need to proceed with confidence about how they will finalize the launch of the exchange, we can’t give any updates. Adam tells viewers that SmartDec needs until approximately the middle of June, maybe a little longer to conclude this assessment period.
As soon as they do, we’ll be sharing it with you, along with a timeline for the exchange launch. Better than that, Adam stresses:

It’s not the Digitex marketing team giving you development updates, it’s the actual development team giving you development updates.”

We know you’ve been patient, but please give them a little more time.

Thanks to the Digitex Community

Adam recognizes that the current situation is far from ideal. A low token price is not good news for anyone but we can assure you that Digitex is not going anywhere. Adam gives thanks to the community for your continued support and says that he’s confident the DGTX price will go up again very soon. “This period is painful,” he says but we have a lot of exciting plans to share with you as soon as we get the green light.
“If you’re selling tokens today at 2.3 cents, you’re going to feel a little silly in a couple of weeks.”
We’re building up our team, we’re well-funded, we’re doubling down on our marketing efforts to focus on Japan, China, South Korea, and Russia. “There is a lot going on,” Adam assures, “you’ll hear about it very soon.”

Adding to the Whitepaper

Perhaps one of the coolest things that Adam has to say is that we’ve got some exciting plans for the exchange moving forward and that he’s updating the whitepaper to reflect this fact.
Once we get the go-ahead from SmartDec about the exact way forward and the timeframe, we will be announcing these developments:

“that will make this a unique, interesting, and very very popular exchange.”

Adam Is Now on Twitter

Finally, at last he has taken the plunge and Adam is now on Twitter! This is going to be a learning curve for him since he’s never really used Twitter before. However, he’s going to be on it daily, giving you updates, answering questions, and generally being more active from here on in:

“I ain’t going nowhere… I’m going to be a lot more visible from this point forward.”

So, be sure to follow him at @realAdamTodd and watch out for Digitex to come back stronger and fiercer than ever before.