Spotlight on Development Team, Meet the Co-Founder of SmartDec Katerina Troshina 1

Spotlight on Development Team, Meet the Co-Founder of SmartDec Katerina Troshina

Digitex Futures is delighted to be working alongside the SmartDec development team as the exchange inches closer to launch every day. Not only has the company dedicated 13 developers to work on our exchange, but SmartDec’s very own co-founder Katerina Troshina is among the bright minds making the magic happen. We stole a few minutes of her time to get to know Katerina and see what she had to say.

Meet SmartDec Co-Founder Katerina Troshina PhD

As a female co-founder of a software company at the cutting-edge of emerging technology, Katerina is far from your ordinary woman. Coindance may have registered an all-time high for female engagement in Bitcoin last month, but it’s still just 9.1 percent of all users. When it comes to developers, that number drops significantly–and as for managers of blockchain development firms, well, Katerina’s colleagues are few and far between.
As a company that supports women in coding and in blockchain, Digitex couldn’t be happier or more grateful to have her lending her experience. And with nearly 20 years working in software security, Katerina’s particular expertise comes at the blockchain security level. “I am interested in zero-knowledge proof and other blockchain aspects about security,” she simply states.
To be sure, Katerina is a woman of few words. When asked what advice she would give to someone interested in working in blockchain but who feels they don’t have the right qualifications, she replies, “To try.” It’s clear that with this for this highly knowledgable security specialist, actions speak louder than words.
So, what made her decide to become a developer and what interests her most about the blockchain space? “I never dreamed of being a software developer but at university, I met a lot of skilled IT people. One of the top guys agreed to be my supervisor. I treated it as a sign and thought of this as a fortune. Blockchain space is just one of my interests, not the most crucial.”
Katerina admits that she isn’t only attracted to Ethereum. Her real passion is cyber security and that extends to all areas of blockchain, including Bitcoin and other networks. However, she concedes, “Ethereum is very popular now so I am interested in it.”

What Does Katerina Do For Fun?

On top of being a brilliant mind in the cybersecurity space, Katerina is a professional athlete with a background in gymnastics. She’s highly passionate about sports and loves skating, karting, and even jet skiing! When she’s not at her keyboard, she likes to practice sport or spend time with her children.
Katerina Troshina with her kids
They don’t yet know what she does yet since they’re still very young, but her husband has a Ph.D. in computer science. With two passions so closely entwined, you may wonder if she ever takes a break from software.
What are some of the most interesting applications currently and what is yet to come that will really change our lives?

“The most interesting applications are applications that add freedom and save time for modern people. Blockchain is about freedom because no one wants to be under control.”

Even at a distance, Katerina exudes a calm confidence and faith in her convictions. Yet, she’s clearly a very grounded person as well, saying that her children are her inspiration behind everything she does. And when pressed a little further to tell us something about herself that no one else knows, she’s a stone wall. “I have no secrets,” she replies.
Thanks, Katerina, for taking the time to talk to us. We’re excited to be working with such a talented and diverse team and feel confident that at last the Digitex exchange is on the right track.