Team Spotlight: Director of Exchange Operations, Yuliya Sporysh

As regular readers will know, we’ve been building up a stellar team in preparation for the mainnet launch. Ensuring that we open the doors on a world-class crypto futures exchange means we need an extremely slick operation behind the scenes. So, for the latest in the Team Spotlight series, we’re delighted to introduce our Director of Exchange Operations, Yuliya Sporysh!

What’s Involved with Yuliya’s Role at Digitex? 

As the Director of Exchange Operations, Yuliya’s role has an incredibly broad scope, spanning virtually every department in the company. She works closely with developers, designers, support, marketing, and management. She’s responsible for coordinating the interactions between different functions to ensure that the running of the exchange itself goes smoothly.

At the same time, her efforts help to ensure that new features are implemented in a way that ensures they’re a success from the off. For example, having Yuliya as a bridge between development and marketing helps to deliver timely and transparent messages to our community. 

So, what does this mean in terms of a typical working day and how does she keep on top of everything? 

Yuliya’s role essentially involves planning and organizing. She works with the relevant team leads to develop a plan for the upcoming ten days, including prioritizing tasks as they come in. This involves close coordination with Digitex’s CTO Alex, as well as the development team at SmartDec. Each request that comes in from the team supporting mainnet users needs to be analyzed and prioritized, and with the mainnet currently in a critical stage, she does a lot of work in fixing urgent issues. 

She explains that it’s always a careful balance between sticking to a plan and creating a flexible pipeline that can respond to urgent tasks.

“I use my right to say no for what might be “pseudo-urgent tasks” and this involves approaching everything from the question “Is it useful for Digitex’s business in the long term?” And a small secret: I always work with people, not with roles or positions and I see the person, not the business unit.”

How is it working with the talented team at SmartDec?

“SmartDec is a very professional team, so its a pleasure to work with people who speak your language. Together we transform business requirements into technical tasks, with a view to creating an advanced trading platform.”

Zooming out to the big picture, what does Yuliya see for the future of the DFE? She says:

“My number one target is to make the DFE one of Top 10 derivatives exchange in terms of volume within three years of launching. Doing this will deliver the ultimate goal – creating value for DGTX token holders.”

A Fast-Growing Team!

As a senior member of the Digitex management team, Yuliya is actively involved in the current extensive hiring activities focused on Kyiv, Ukraine. We’re bringing on board teams of support and maintenance staff to make sure the exchange doesn’t experience downtime and outages, and that any routine bugs or issues are solved before they create problems for our users. 

What’s it like working in her home city of Kyiv to source this kind of talent?

“Ukraine is full of bright brains, and I’m happy Digitex found Max [Maxim Bashmakov, our Creative Director] and decided to build its own tech team here. Now we’re building a strong, multi-functional team.”

She elaborates on some recent recruitment activities:

“We’ve just hired a very experienced security guy, who thinks like a criminal, which is exactly what you need for someone who understands how to keep the platform secure! We’ve also brought in some stars who are working on the API and algorithmic trading solutions.”

However, there is still a lot of work ahead to finish building out the team. Yuliya says:

“We still have more than 15 open positions right now. So if you would like to work with us, please apply!”

How Yuliya Came to Crypto

Yuliya brings her 15 years of experience working in the IT and digital space to Digitex, and she also holds a Ph.D. in sociology. Her and CTO Alex go back a long way, having worked and co-founded several companies together. Yuliya was previously CEO at fintech firm TRDATA, and in 2017, she and Alex founded a blockchain startup called CoinIndex. They also co-developed a market tracker called ContractMarketCap, putting them in the possibly unique position of being connected to every single futures trading platform in the world. 

It was also down to Alex that Yuliya became hooked on crypto. As she says:

“One day, Alex told me about bitcoin, and I started reading about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Eventually, I decided to jump into this new industry, and I haven’t looked back.”

It was undoubtedly to the benefit of Digitex that Yuliya decided to make the leap! 

How Yuliya Came to Digitex

Yuliya learned about Digitex back at the start of 2018 when we were doing our ICO. She explains: 

“Around the time of the Digitex ICO, we were looking out carefully for any crypto derivatives projects and were very excited how fast Digitex closed its hard cap, selling $5 million worth of tokens in a matter of minutes.”

Now, she says Digitex is by far her favorite cryptocurrency project, along with her own contractmarketcap.com

So what does Yuliya enjoy most about working at Digitex? 

“The speed and drive. Adam is extremely energetic and dedicated to the success of the project.”

Beyond Digitex

As you’d expect for someone with a long history of working with fintech and crypto startups, Yuliya is an extremely active member of the local crypto scene in her home city of Kyiv. As she says, the blockchain community is huge. She’s a regular speaker at blockchain conferences both in Ukraine and in other European countries. 

And if there is life beyond crypto, what does that look like? Yuliya explains: 

“As a working mom, I don’t have so much free time, so whatever time I do get, I prefer to spend it with my kids, family, and friends. I like forest walking and travels. If I have an opportunity for a city break, I like to visit museums and theaters. “

As a successful fintech entrepreneur, Yuliya is also involved in shaping and empowering the next generation of young women into following her footsteps. Along with her tech ventures, she’s also a founder of an educational project for teenage girls aged 11-17. She tells us:

“Our goal is to encourage girls to build their life strategies knowingly taking into account the specificities of women’s physiology and modern opportunities for professional realization.”

She elaborates on why she decided to dedicate part of her busy schedule to motivating future female superstars: 

“I believe that only we can change the world we live in.”

Adam is also a huge proponent of supporting more women in leadership roles within the highly male-dominated crypto space. So Team Digitex is proud to have added such an experienced and inspirational female leader from the tech space to its senior management group.

Thanks, Yuliya, for the opportunity to get to know you better!