Futures Exchange

The Digitex Futures Exchange is Firing Up! 

Right on schedule last week, we onboarded another group of 50 to the mainnet, meaning there are now 120 eager traders scalping profits with zero fees. To kick off this week, we have a raft of announcements, including updates from the development team, a contest for our mainnet users, and a brand new listing with a trading competition! 

First off, as you’d expect by now, our newest group of traders is loving the mainnet experience. Here are a few snips from the Telegram group: 


The Digitex Futures Exchange is Firing Up!  1

The Digitex Futures Exchange is Firing Up!  2

The mainnet group is evidently doing a great job in promoting the DFE to the broader Digitex community. Our Community Managers are now facing a barrage of daily requests from community members, begging to be next in line! 

The Digitex Futures Exchange is Firing Up!  3

The Digitex Futures Exchange is Firing Up!  4

All this anticipation is proving to be great news for the price of DGTX. Over the previous week, it’s gained nearly 40%, compared to a 16% increase in the price of Bitcoin and 17% in Ethereum. 


The Digitex Futures Exchange is Firing Up!  5

Development Update

As much as we’d like to include everyone on the mainnet immediately, it’s important that we keep the onboarding at a steady pace. It’s proving to be an excellent opportunity for the development team to fix any minor bugs that crop up. 

Our new Director of Exchange Operations, Yuliya Sporysh, has also shared that the team is fleshing out the overall maintenance and support operations for the mainnet, in preparation for the platform becoming fully loaded with traders. This development isn’t only on the technical side – it also involves staffing up the necessary teams to ensure that Digitex can remain up and running without hiccups 24/7. As such, we are hiring extensively for our hub location in Kyiv. 

Yuliya also provided an update on some of the focus areas for the development team right now. They’re working hard to implement the API, which will enable algorithmic traders to deploy bots on the mainnet. They’re also progressing on the necessary work to bring ETH deposits and withdrawals to the exchange. These developments will follow with introducing the stop loss feature, and we will share an update on this soon.

As you’d imagine, with all this going on, Yuliya is a busy lady. However, we’re looking forward to when she can find a gap in her schedule to share more details about herself and her role in an upcoming Team Spotlight. 

New Exchange Listing with CoinDCX!

As we mentioned above, the DGTX token is currently outperforming the market. Now, it stands to get a further boost with a new token listing on the CoinDCX exchange! 

The partnership with CoinDCX aims to expand Digitex’s footprint in India, where it is among the biggest and most secure crypto trading platforms. Earlier this year, the company gained backing from Polychain Capital, Bain Capital Adventures, and HDR Group in a $3m seed funding round. Last week, it was announced that BitGo would be providing custodial services to CoinDCX, offering insurance protection to all funds stored on the platform. 

CoinDCX offers users instant fiat to crypto conversions with zero fees. Users can choose from a range of different services, including decentralized lending service DCXLend and margin trading with up to 6x leveraged trades with DCXMargin. 

And now, traders can also buy DGTX instantly with Indian Rupees, thanks to a DGTX/INR pair available on CoinDCX! The new listing, along with a DGTX/USDT pair, will be open to trade soon. There will also be a Trading Battle, with a giveaway of over 300,000 DGTX tokens, for which we will share more details as soon as we can. 

Mainnet Photo Contest

Finally, we’re running a mainnet contest of our very own, where our group of traders can compete to win a share of 50,000 DGTX tokens! All of our mainnet users are invited to post a photo of themselves trading in unusual or unique places. (No cliff-edge selfies, no other life-threatening jaunts, and obviously no bathroom shots!) 

At the end of the contest, on May 30, we will select a shortlist of 5 photos. Our Telegram community will then have the opportunity to participate in a poll to choose the top three photos! The first prize winner will take 30,000 DGTX, with second and third place receiving a runners-up prize. 

That rounds up all our Monday news! As you can see, the Digitex engine is now well and truly firing on all cylinders. And we have plenty more coming up over the next couple of weeks, so watch this space for more news and updates from the DFE!