Watch Adam Trading on the DFE Mainnet!

 The last few weeks have flown by in such a whirlwind that we suddenly realized this week – nobody has yet even seen Adam fulfilling his vision of zero-fee crypto futures trading! So our final post of this week is a video from the man himself. Plus, news on our next mainnet group… Enjoy!

Adam opens the video by saying how happy he is with the mainnet performance – aside from a few minor bugs, we’ve had a very smooth start. 

He also expresses his gratitude to the mainnet trading group for their enthusiasm and participation, and confirms we’re bringing on board another 100 traders this week! At the time of publication, we can confirm that the 100 in question are already on board and trading away. If you’re one of our newcomers and wondering how all this works, then you should definitely watch this video! For everyone else, we’ll be providing an update from the latest group after the weekend. 

Adam is also impressed at the level of liquidity our traders and market makers are managing to achieve – imagine how it will be when we have thousands of traders on the ladder! 

He does a few trades, demonstrating how easy it is to literally play around on the ladder without the fear of losing out to trading fees. He quickly scalps out 160 DGTX and demonstrates how easy it is to get filled even with the liquidity of just 120 traders on the mainnet. 

Remember – not all of them are necessarily online at all times, so we really are expecting to have one of the most liquid exchanges out there! 

With an exchange like the DFE, traders have ultimate flexibility over their work/life balance. Adam used to trade on a betting exchange for a living, working out of internet cafes around the world. With a platform like the DFE, anyone can replicate that lifestyle, scalping out profits to buy the freedom they want. 

Adam finishes his trading activities 360 DGTX up in just a few minutes on the ladder. Not bad! 

News from DFE Development

Now to some updates from the DFE. Adam tells us how the API is currently a big focus for development activity. Also, we have four separate audits happening for the exchange itself, which (along with the home working) is part of the reason we’ve been slower to onboard that we perhaps would have liked. The audits are helping us locate minor fixes that need to happen to fine-tune the exchange to its best performance. We’ll be publishing the results of the audit as soon as we can. 

He then elaborates on the progress being made by the new team in Kyiv, including our CTO and Director of Exchange Operations on the leadership team. We’re making headway on new features, including ETH deposits and stop-loss. The fact that development is now coming along under the supervision of Alex and Yuliya is a testament to how well things are going with the new team in place. 

Adam teases an announcement coming up on Monday that will help us with our spot price calculations – watch this space for news! 

We have a few more small developments in the pipelines, such as being able to drag an unmatched order to a new price. These are minor changes, but they’re all designed to make the scalping process as clean and slick as possible. 

Similarly, users will soon be able to set hotkeys for defined quantities, meaning they can place orders with fewer mouse clicks. All these developments may seem small, but they add up to a stellar user experience on an addictive UI. 

Overall, the current version of the mainnet is very much the first version, although Adam is quick to praise SmartDec for the delivery of an outstanding trading platform. Everything we’re doing now is aiming to create the best possible iteration that the DFE can possibly become. 

There’s plenty more to come from Digitex, but in the meantime, thanks for sticking with us and making this journey to mainnet worthwhile!