Why Digitex Is So Much More Than a Commission-Free Exchange

Digitex is the first-ever commission-free futures exchange that will offer traders a seamless, trustless trading experience. With zero fees and a one-click trading interface, our hybrid exchange is already causing a stir. But beyond all the features and zero-fee policy, Digitex is much more than a commission-free exchange.

It’s no surprise that the words “commission-free” are extremely attractive to traders. As we’ve seen from the high demand for DGTX before and our loyal community of followers, traders don’t like losing money to the house. At Digitex, we want to level the playing field and allow all traders, large and small, to make a daily living. Here are some of the things that we stand for and why.

Achieving Financial Freedom

It’s not just about experimenting in the trading world or “going big or going home.” Digitex lowers the barrier for retail traders by allowing them to speculate on BTC futures and other markets with small amounts of funds.

We’re not about one large trader making a fortune at the expense of others. In fact, our automated market makers won’t receive special treatment or even make money. In fact, they’re actually programmed to lose which gives traders and additional incentive and edge in their favor.

And with zero commissions, high-frequency, low-volume traders and short-term scalpers can actually make a living from the accumulation of small profits over time. They can potentially reject the traditional 9-to-5, say goodbye to their day job, and achieve financial freedom.

As Adam Todd, Digitex CEO remarks:

“Digitex isn’t just a commission-free futures exchange. It’s a place where anyone has as good a chance as anyone else to achieve financial freedom through becoming a successful trader.”

Want to try your hand at trading commission-free on the Digitex Futures exchange? With the beta version handling insane volume, you can practice your skills on our trading ladder interface and hone your strategy before the mainnet release on April 27, 2020.

Our Interests Are Aligned with Our Traders

Unlike so many other exchanges that charge hefty commission fees or disguise their “fee-free” model in other hidden charges, Digitex is an exchange whose interests are truly aligned with our traders. How so?

“Because we’re not constantly siphoning money out of the liquidity pool in the form of commissions and other hidden charges. That money stays within the exchange ecosystem where instead it is won by the successful traders,” Adam explains.

“And because of our unique token issuance revenue model that is only made possible by blockchain technology, the financial interests of the exchange are actually aligned with the traders. No other exchange is this aligned with the interests of its traders.

Instead of the exchange constantly trying to fleece its users by charging as much as possible, we want exactly the same as the users do–which is a steadily rising token price because that is how the exchange makes the money to cover its costs.”

Producing Winners No Matter Their Background

Above all, we believe that everyone should have an equal chance of changing their financial future and being in charge of their own wealth. By cutting out the traditional broker and peeling back the layers of complexity that prevent potential traders from getting in the game, everyone has an equal chance at Digitex.

Your background, location and even trading experience are irrelevant here. We will produce winners regardless of where they come from and how much they invest. More great traders equal more winners. And the more there are, the more we win as an exchange as well. Adam says:

“More money to be made will create a much higher percentage of winners than any traditional fee-charging exchange. More traders and more winners will produce that goal. This will allow all kinds of people to achieve financial freedom, wherever they are, regardless of location, social background or access that often only people in the first world have.”

Turning Dreams into Reality

Every journey starts with a single step. When Adam ground it out as a pit trader in London, he grew tired of watching profitable days turn into losing ones after paying out commissions. He dreamed of a world in which traders like himself would no longer have to lose a percentage of their income to the house.

He also didn’t come across any diversity. Leaving the pit and traveling the world allowed Adam to see things from a different perspective. He realized that not everyone had the same rights and privileges as people in the first world. And while on his journey he continued to think about his dream around in his head.

“Having the chance to build my own exchange that completely levels the playing field for people of all walks of life, regardless of social status or education or location in the world, has always been a dream of mine.”

And now that Adam’s dream is becoming a reality, we’ve been blown away by the response to the Digitex concept. We can’t wait to launch the mainnet later this month on April 27 and prove to people that they can be winners, that they can shake themselves from the shackles of their day jobs, and become part of the Digitex trading community.

Do you want to stock up on DGTX tokens ahead of the mainnet launch? You can head over to the Digitex Treasury for a trustless transaction with zero slippage and completely KYC-free now.