Digitex Treasury

The Digitex Treasury allows you to buy DGTX easily and instantly with zero slippage or commissions - without having to go through an exchange. At the same time, it funds our continued operations in development and marketing. For more information about DGTX tokenomics, visit our Knowledge Base.

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As the native currency of the Digitex Futures exchange, traders must own DGTX to buy and sell Bitcoin futures with zero fees. Purchase DGTX now from the Digitex Treasury

What is the DGTX token

Founder and CEO Adam Todd talks about zero-fee trading, and explains why traders have a greater chance of winning on the Digitex Futures exchange

DGTX Token Distribution

Total 1 billion DGTX tokens supply.
650m DGTX
Sold in the Public ICO January 2018 at $0.008 View DGTX contract on etherscan.io
50m DGTX
Referral program
100m DGTX
Market making
100m DGTX
Team vesting
100m DGTX
Digitex treasury

DGTX Token Stats

DGTX Price:
ROI Since ICO:
ICO Price:
$0.01 USD
Market Rank:
Market Cap:
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