Futures Exchange

The Digitex Futures exchange is a revolutionary
new futures exchange

One click trade submission

Traders can stay in the zone with the price moving up and down on the side of the ladder. Submit trades instantly with one click - no additional mouse or keyboard strokes

How Is The Digitex Exchange Different from Other Futures Exchanges?

CEO Adam Todd explains that the Digitex Futures zero-fee exchange operates for the benefit of its traders with no mechanical edge working against you.


We provide a truly level playing field where all traders have equal odds and can trade against each other, peer-to-peer, with no preferential treatment from the exchange

Native currency

DGTX is the native currency of Digitex Futures and works as an exchange token that powers the platform allowing us to remove commission fees through our unique revenue model

swap futures

All contracts on the Digitex Futures exchange are perpetual swaps, which are easier to trade than traditional futures contracts as they have no expiration or settlement date

High leverage

As well as high liquidity, the Digitex Futures exchange also offers high leverage, giving traders the opportunity to magnify their trading profits with up to 100x leverage


Connect your trading bots to our liquid futures markets and trade 24 hours day, seven days

*Available for the Mainnet platform.

Market makers

Our automated market makers keep bid/ask spreads tight and are programmed to lose money, thereby creating a mechanical edge in favor of our traders, improving their odds.

Insurance fund

Our large Insurance Fund holds 100 million DGTX tokens (10% of the initial supply) to eliminate counter-party risk. All system gains are automatically allocated to the market makers which are programmed to lose

Exchange infrastructure

Our robust and highly resilient proprietary matching engine processes
100,000+ transactions per second.