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About the Digitex Futures Exchange

The Digitex Futures exchange is a zero-fee futures trading platform offering peer-to-peer, high leverage futures markets on popular cryptocurrencies. There are currently over 1.5 million people on our waitlist, eagerly awaiting the release of this revolutionary concept that will allow traders to capture minimal price movements with highly active trading strategies that are not viable on fee-charging exchanges.

For the first time, traders will be able to make profits from single-digit changes in the prices of cryptocurrencies, without suffering the crippling commissions that fee-charging exchanges implement. And high leverage will amplify the value of those small profits, giving traders a much higher chance of earning a living through short term, disciplined trading.


No Trading Fees

Buy and sell Bitcoin futures with absolutely no costs.


Amplify your profits with 100x leverage on Bitcoin futures.


Trade Bitcoin futures against other traders, not the house.

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