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by Christina Comben
As beta testing is in full swing, the Digitex team is busying about getting the platform ready for mainnet launch. We’re working hard on ironing out bugs and incorporating your suggestions. Adam and the developers are currently in a crucial planning phase for the new year, so we ask for...
12 Dec 2019
by Christina Comben
The Digitex Beta public launch kicked off on Nov 30 as planned. Now, 10 days into the world’s first zero-fee bitcoin futures trading platform, how are things going? We’ve already reported that the feedback, on the whole, has been overwhelmingly positive. But, what about some of the other comments and...
10 Dec 2019
by Sarah Rothrie
This weekend, we ran the very first trading contest on the Digitex testnet, giving our testnet traders the opportunity to win a share of 200,000 DGTX tokens. We’re pleased to say that the competition was a roaring success! Here, we announce the winners and round up some of our key...
09 Dec 2019
by Digitex News
Early testing is going well and we’re pleased with the feedback so far. Thank you all for your time, enthusiasm, comments, and suggestions, and now, true to our word… We’re about to spice things up! After all, we were never just going to let our testers rest on their laurels....
05 Dec 2019
by Christina Comben
During the beta testing phase, the Digitex Futures exchange is using the test version of the Ethereum blockchain, which is called the Ropsten Test Network. Ropsten works exactly like the main Ethereum blockchain but the tokens on there have no monetary value. This gives us the opportunity to test our...
04 Dec 2019
by Digitex News
It’s finally here! We feel like we’ve been waiting forever to say this but the DIGITEX BETA IS NOW LIVE! And we’ve taken the decision, together with the development team, to open the doors of our beta exchange to the general public. Yes, really! That means that you can create...
30 Nov 2019