5 Million DGTX Airdrop to the First 5000 on Our Waitlist

Excitement continues to build about the upcoming launch of the Digitex Futures Exchange at the end of this year. Our social media channels are blowing up this week and thousands of new people are signing up every day to join our Early Access Waitlist.
After focusing primarily on the development of the trading platform so far this year, we are now kicking our marketing campaigns into high gear in preparation for the launch. We’re starting to see solid results and increased traffic from press outreach, sponsored posts, interviews, youtube reviews, paid placements, banner ads, partnerships with brand ambassadors, quality blog posts etc.
Our strategy for the initial launch of the Digitex Futures Exchange at the end of this year is to release the exchange to a relatively small, controlled group of 5,000 friendly testers who have free money to play with and who will be very active. This creates the perfect test environment for our developers to iron out any final kinks and bugs before releasing it to a wider audience.
This desire by the software development team to create this active group of traders was the reason we created our Early Access Waitlist. But the existence of this exclusive group of 5,000 testers who would receive early access to the exchange and free DGTX tokens also gave us the perfect opportunity to build a referral system through which people can compete with each other to be a part of the 5,000.
A viral system that encourages people to refer their friends in order to be one of those lucky 5,000 initial testers who get early access and a free 1,000 DGTX tokens to trade with. We had great success with viral marketing during our ICO and by adding viral elements to our Early Access Waitlist we realized we had the ingredients to blow the roof off our upcoming exchange launch.
Here’s how it works: When people sign up to our waitlist they join the back of the queue. By referring their friends, people can skip ahead in the waitlist queue until they are in the first 5,000 in the queue. The first 5,000 people in that queue will be the initial testers who get early access and 1,000 free DGTX tokens.
Therefore, many people who join the waitlist will want to be amongst the first 5,000 people in the waitlist queue, especially if the DGTX price is around $0.10 which would mean the free 1,000 DGTX tokens are worth $100. And the only way you can skip ahead in the queue is to refer people by sharing your unique referral link on the internet.
This creates an army of people who will now spread the link to our waitlist landing page far and wide to all their friends in every crypto group and crypto chat room on the internet. Links to our waitlist landing page will be everywhere and awareness of the Digitex project will spike sharply leading up to our exchange launch. Digitex will get viral exposure to millions of people all around the world. Referrers will continue sharing their unique link online until they have moved ahead in the queue to be in the first 5,000. As the waitlist grows bigger, referrers must continually refer more friends to maintain their position in the first 5,000.
If that waitlist hits one million people then the launch of the Digitex Futures Exchange later this year will be a slam dunk success and demand for DGTX tokens will surge. I believe that we can get more than one million people signed up on the waitlist before December.
More details about the campaign are as follows:
6 Million DGTX Airdrop to Top 5000 Referrers
The first version of the Digitex Futures Exchange will be released at the end of this year to the first 5000 people on our Early Access Waitlist.
Refer Your Friends To Skip The Queue
You can skip ahead in the waitlist queue by referring your friends. The more friends you refer, the further ahead in the queue you will move. Keep referring friends until you see your position in the queue is in the first 5000.
When the exchange is first launched to our early access group, 6 million DGTX will be airdropped into the trading accounts of the first 5000 people in our waitlist queue as follows:

  • The top 10 referrers will share 1 million DGTX tokens equally, each receiving 100,000 DGTX.
  • The top 5,000 referrers in the waitlist queue will share 5 million DGTX equally, each receiving 1,000 DGTX in their Digitex trading account when the exchange launches.
  • The top 5,000 referrers also get exclusive early access to the exchange when it launches.

The terms of the 6m DGTX airdrop are as follows:

  • The first 5000 people on our waitlist will each receive 1000 DGTX into their trading account.
  • You can use your 1000 DGTX to place trades on the futures exchange.
  • You cannot withdraw your free tokens from your trading account but you can withdraw all trading profits.

Advantages of Our Early Access Waitlist Viral Marketing Campaign

  • Highly effective at building large list very quickly. Similar viral campaign during our ICO resulted in 250,000 signups on our website in 2 weeks with virtually no ad spend.
  • Gets a lot of exposure for Digitex all over the world amongst diverse demographics.
  • People discovering Digitex in this way see it as a vibrant project with an excited and engaged community.
  • Digitex social media channels grows, making the project look active and exciting.
  • We get something tangible in return for the free DGTX tokens we give away: increased liquidity and a better product. This is because the first 5000 people who receive 1,000 DGTX tokens each must use their free tokens to trade with during the initial launch/test period, creating an ideal testing environment which leads to a well tested trading platform being launched to the wider audience.
  • Benefits of the airdrop — people receive their free DGTX tokens into their trading account where they must be used for trading and cannot just be sold.

Join our Early Access Waitlist here.