A Year in Review – Digitex Futures Looks Back on 2018

2018 has been one that most people in the cryptocurrency community can’t wait to see the back of. Let’s face it, from this time last year to now, the industry as a whole has been in near year-long freefall. However, while we may not be happy about the prices of major coins, or some of the backward regulation, 2018 has actually seen the most innovation in crypto to date.

In an interview with CNBC, Coinbase President Asiff Hirjji argued that despite the falling prices, there has been significant institutional buy-in, large companies experimenting with blockchain tech, and an overwhelming amount of talent flooding the space. He said:

“The amount of innovation that’s happened in cryptocurrency over the last year has exceeded everything in all the years before it.”

And that’s certainly the case when it comes to Digitex Futures. Let’s take a look at our year in review and some of the high points of 2018 for us.

Quarter 1, 2018

At a time when prices were through the roof, Ethereum was riding high and trading at over $1,300, and ICOs were raising more money than traditional early-stage VC funding, we held our ICO on Jan 15.

Ethereum chart

The hugely successful ICO that sold out in 17 minutes will always be an exceptionally proud moment for the company. But luckily for Digitex despite the market conditions, our ICO wasn’t the highest point of 2018. Over the next 11 months, we’d have our fair share of milestones and incredible moments to look forward to.

By the beginning of March, we already had our headquarters set up in Dublin and development of our commission-free futures exchange was well underway.

The first three months of 2018 were a time of excitement, building our team, and working hard on the project.

Despite finding out that half of 2017’s ICOs had already failed to deliver on their promises and that the word “scam” had become the first thing on everyone’s lips, Digitex was pressing ahead. Interest in the project was mounting.

Quarter 2, 2018

Our Telegram group had reached around 15K by quarter 2 of 2018 (now over 55K!), we launched our Digiitex blog and began to deliver regular news and updates, and development was going strong. In May, we got listed on Coinmarketcap and we also added crypto exchanges Mercatox and OOOBTC.

In fact, by the time that Joseph Lubin headed over to Dublin for MoneyConf and the ConsenSys Ireland team was setting up their office, our Editor-in-Chief, Christina, got the chance to catch up with our Managing Director, Darragh, to see how things were going.

Darragh S. — Director of Development, Digitex Futures Software.

Everything was already well on track. The order matching engine was taking shape and we had secured the working visa for one of Silicon Valley’s finest talents and experts in UI. The development team was growing and Dublin was already proving its reputation as a technical hub to be true.

Despite Facebook and Google banning cryptocurrency advertising, and the SEC delaying nine Bitcoin ETFs including Gemini’s, we managed to continue to amass support for our product.

Quarter 3, 2018

Digitex Futures started making headlines, being talked about by top publications and YouTubers in the crypto and financial space, such as the European Financial Review, Born2Invest, and ReadySetCrypto.

European Financial Review — What It Really Takes to Build A Blockchain Company

In September, we hit CoinMarketCap’s top three biggest gainers, and in October, DGTX reached an all-time high of nearly 16 cents–a 2,800 percent increase in Q3’s unforgiving market conditions!

Again, against all the odds, DGTX was outperforming all major coins. We started our Early Access Waitlist in August and began to receive an overwhelming amount of traffic to the page. We went from under 1,000 hits a day to a consistent daily average of 20,000 unique visitors!

We also brought in key advisors including the Bad Crypto duo and continued to grow and expand our team.

Quarter 4, 2018

With 2018 almost over, the last three months of the year brought about plenty of highs and lows for crypto and for Digitex as well. When we displayed our live demo in Malta, our stand was one of the busiest. Interest in our project had reached fever pitch.

Our CEO Adam Todd was honored to take the stage along with the likes of John McAfee, the Prime Minister of Malta, and even Sophia the robot!


Malta Blockchain Summit — Digitex Future first-ever live demo. CEO Adam Todd and COO Lee Mayne.

Malta’s new legislation despite an overall bearish year for crypto continues to be trailblazing and Digitex is looking forward to calling the Blockchain Island our home next year.

We started to get talked about in major publications from Hacked to Hackernoon, CCN to Cryptoslate, Cryptoglobe, Entrepreneur, and Bitcoinist. And Adam had plenty of awesome interviews and reviews from prominent YouTubers like Money Guru, Sunny DecreeCryptoBitcoinChris, VoskCoin, CryptoZombie, CryptoLark, CrushTheStreet, and Keith Wareing

We set up partnerships with Crypto & Proud, Atomic Wallet, Changelly, and HitBTC.

Despite the positive momentum, the token price, just like all other cryptos, began to fall in November, the most volatile month on record. But thanks to our community’s continued faith in us, the work we’re doing, and the fact that launch is just over two weeks away, we’ve managed to hold our own–and even climb once more!

In December, our Early Access Waitlist has reached 765K+ (more than three-quarters of a million!) and now that the roller coaster of crypto is whizzing up and down, we find ourselves back on the top gainers list again this month–and consistently among the top 100 tokens, standing at 79th at the time of writing.

The Best Is Yet to Come for Digitex Futures

So, despite plenty of disappointments for the crypto industry in general, for Digitex Futures, the best is yet to come. We’ll be announcing the winners of our waitlist on January 1st, launching the live Beta version of the exchange on January 15 (one full year after our ICO), and we’ll be unveiling plenty more exciting plans for the year ahead!

2018 has seen us raise serious funds, make noise, grab the headlines, get taken seriously, deliver on our promises, create tremendous value for our token holders, forge key partnerships, and most importantly of all, build a working product. Bring on 2019!