Are You Ready for the Live Demo? Malta, Here We Come!


What a year 2018 has been! For many in the crypto world, they’ll be glad it’s coming to an end. From bearish markets to regulatory clampdowns, most major coins are in the red with billions of dollars shaved off the industry’s value. Ouch. But while there are plenty of naysayers rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect for crypto’s demise, the rest of us understand the significance of the work we’re doing.
“Ethereum is the missing piece of the internet,” enthused Digitex CEO and Founder Adam Todd. “Just like the internet did, it will have far-reaching effects on business, society and even how humans behave and interact with each other. We can’t even imagine where it will lead.”
It’s this kind of excitement and unshakable faith in the industry that’s pushed the Digitex Futures team forward to build our commission-free futures trading platform. We’re confident that Digitex will change the way futures are traded forever and can’t wait to disrupt the trillion-dollar furtures industry with our highly liquid market.
The Live Demo Will Be Unveiled on November 1
In just two weeks, the Digitex team will be unveiling the live demo of the exchange at the Malta Blockchain Summit. For the first time ever, conference attendees will be able to try out the platform, get a peek at its state-of-the-art features, and ask all the questions they like!
Not only will we be at the conference on November 1-2 at the Digitex stand, but Adam will be delivering an informative keynote as well, alongside the likes of John McAfee, Sophia the Robot, and Maltese Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat.
With Digitex Futures being a mold-breaking product that will truly be a first in the marketplace, what better destination for the platform launch than Malta, the Blockchain Island?
The Importance of Malta in Blockchain Technology
Malta shocked the world earlier this year when they passed three new laws to regulate ICOs, cryptocurrencies, and DLT in general. But as Muscat said in his recent speech to the UN, the work being done by the Maltese government goes way further than that.
Rather than just focus on the financial aspect, Malta is embracing the technology wholeheartedly. Muscat even called for countries around the world to unite and solve their problems through emerging technologies.
Speaking to Steve Tendon, author of Malta’s National Blockchain Strategy and prominent member of the National Blockchain Task Force, he said, “We must distinguish between what most jurisdictions do, i.e. regulating the financial aspects of the innovation (like cryptocurrencies, ICOs, tokenization, etc.), and what Malta is doing. While regulating the financial aspects is necessary, in as far and within the limits that it is materially possible, it is not sufficient.
Malta has understood this and goes beyond to regulate technology arrangements (which can include blockchains, distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts, DAOs and similar; but also IoT and AI). The intent is to ensure that innovation is not stifled by the regulatory effort.”
First-Mover Advantage
Digitex Futures chose to unveil our demo in Malta because it is hands-down the boldest jurisdiction taking real leaps forward in the blockchain space. On the cutting edge of innovation, Malta will have a clear first-mover advantage. As Tendon says:
“No other country will have anything like this, and it will be a huge first mover advantage that Malta will enjoy for years to come.”
We feel at home in such openminded and progressive company. Unlike the US that has sent a lot of money offshore and inhibited innovation, Malta is creating a framework for blockchain companies to operate it.
The Countdown Is On
We’re super excited now that the countdown to launch day is on! Our Early Access Waitlist has swelled to almost 300,000 people, our Telegram group now has over 40,000 members, and the DGTX token has been soaring in value, $0.005 just a couple of weeks back to hit a new high of over $0.16 on the weekend!
We have a growing, active community who understand that Digitex Futures is a game changer and that we’re going to have a monumental impact on futures trading forever.
We’ll be offering the ultimate in UX, an optimal one-click ladder interface to facilitate trading and zero commission fees that will allow traders to make money even in a bear market through margin and leverage trading.
Adam says, “Digitex is changing the game. We had an immensely successful ICO that sold out in just 17 minutes, so we know that demand is high for our platform. Seeing the token price climb over the last few weeks is further confirmation of all the support in our community and the belief in what we’re doing. We’re very excited to be able to unveil the demo at the Malta Blockchain Summit and feel extremely at home here and excited about the innovations happening.”
With so many amazing developments happening at Digitex, we’re more than ready for the live demo in Malta--Are you?