Q&A with Digitex Advisor & Bad Crypto Co-Host — Travis Wright

The other half of the Bad Crypto podcast duo to join the Digitex advisory team, Travis Wright isn’t an easy man to get hold of. But then perhaps that’s not surprising. When he isn’t interviewing CEOs of blockchain companies or leading minds in the space, he’s out making connections, giving speeches, and generally moving and shaking with the best.
I finally snatched a few minutes of Travis’ time to find out a bit more about him, about Bad Crypto, and what made him come on board as an advisor to the Digitex team.

CC: Hey Travis, thanks for taking time out of your busy day! So, let’s go back to the beginning. Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got into crypto?

TW: Sure, well, out of high school, I joined the military. I was in military intelligence. I went to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey California to learn Russian [starts speaking Russian]. And then, I got out of that, and went to school at the University of Kansas, kept growing, kept learning. Most of what I learned there is not really applicable anymore. You gotta keep learning, gotta keep stacking skills.
So, over time, I went into marketing. I did SEO, learned how that worked, did paid search, learned how that worked, global marketing, social media marketing, digital stagey. I became the Global Digital Strategist for the Semantic team, for the Norton brand.
I wrote a book called Digital Sense, which is all about customer experience, marketing technologies, and social business, and also emerging tech… that’s what bought us here today because Blockchain is one of the most interesting of all the emerging technologies.
You can factor in Artificial Intelligence which kind of scares me, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, AR, VR, Chatbots, all these different things. But to me, Blockchain has the potential to change the world.

CC: Is that how you started Bad Crypto?

TW: We started the Bad Crypto podcast in July 2017. And we’re sitting at about 6.5 million downloads since then. We called it “bad” because we’re on this journey and we wanted to learn more and share our knowledge with the people.

CC: What have been some of your most memorable episodes and some of your favorite projects?

TW: We’ve had some amazing episodes. On our 100th episode we had John McAfee, we’ve interviewed Charlie Lee, we’ve had the head of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO, and founder of Stellar Lumens, Jed McCaleb, we’ve had Tim Draper on the show, we’ve had a lot of great amazing minds on the show and it keeps going.
Our 200th episode officially comes out later in October this year, but we’ve also done ICO spotlights and extra episodes. We’ve done about 250 episodes in total and over 200 different blockchain projects.

CC: That’s a lot of blockchain companies! What draws you to Digitex Futures? What made you want to become advisors to the team?

TW: We’ve interviewed over 200 blockchain companies and projects and to me, Digitex was one where the technology was good, the experience is good, the team is good. We don’t make recommendations on projects and which ones to buy but we do say, “hey there are some really good ones out there,” and, in my mind, I think Digitex is one of the better ones.
We really fought to have Adam on the show and really reached out to say, “hey we want to help you guys and help you guys out with marketing.” So, there’s a lot of stuff that’s going on here. I’m really curious to see the evolution of Digitex and how it’s going.
When we came on as advisors, the price of DGTX was 0.008 and this past week we broke $.10! So its gone over 10x since we became advisors. So, obviously, the only reason is because we came on as advisors… We’ve had a huge impact! No, seriously, it’s a great product and it’s got a lot of great stuff going on on its own.

CC: What will your main functions as advisors be?

TW: Our function as advisors is in the marketing space. Talking about marketing, about the product, making connections, giving advice on how to do things more effectively. Between Joel and I, we’ve got about 40 years of marketing experience, I guess.
So, I’m looking forward to seeing what Digitex is going to do over the next year or so. I think it could do some really big things. I’m excited to be part of the team, you guys are doing some good stuff here. Thanks for having us as part of the team and we’re looking forward to being part of the great success over here!

CC: Amen to that! Thanks so much, Travis, we’re super excited to work with you and Joel, as well.   

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