Check Out Our Awesome Array of Digitex Products on Crypto & Proud

Author: Christina Comben Date: 30 Nov 2018

Another day, another really cool announcement from the Digitex team! This Friday, we’re super excited to reveal our latest partnership with Crypto & Proud. Check out and purchase a stunning range of Digitex merchandise at amazing prices. 

From T-shirts and hoodies to iPhone covers and mugs, why not get a little online shopping done for the holidays while you’re checking the crypto prices? Some of the latest DGTX fans (from the featured image) include @TheWolfofBitcoins@CryptoPlayHouse@CryptoModel — follow them on Instagram!

All About Crypto & Proud

Just as the name states, Crypto & Proud was formed with the idea to help crypto brands expand into the “real lives” of their supporters with modernly standardized apparel and accessories.

So much more than your average merchandising store, Crypto & Proud creates high quality, branded wearable statements for supporters so they can get even closer to their favorite teams and companies.

The company’s mission is "Modern & Cool" which are two words that resonate pretty well with the Digitex team, especially considering the forward-thinking futures trading model and industry-leading trading interface we’ve got going on!

Crypto & Proud’s founder, Dan, says that he defines “modern” as "a person who advocates or practices a departure from traditional styles or values,” which is about as close as you can get to our disruptive exchange!

We’re excited to partner up with another passionate company with similar values to ours who really believes in the crypto space and where it's going.

Colorful, Bold and Eye-Catching

Crypto & Proud creates colorful, bold, eye-catching combinations that aim to inspire crypto supporters to spread the message of how crypto will change the world. So, when you don your Digitex T-shirt or serve up coffee in one of our awesome mugs, it’s sure to spark up a conversation with its noticeable design!

Want to convert the unconverted? Want to spread the word about the general awesomeness of crypto and--more specifically--Digitex? Then get your hands on one of these cool fashion statements, and get ready to stand out in the crowd and be proud for what they represent!

Paying for Your Crypto & Proud Gear

Originally, Crypto & Proud only accepted cryptocurrency as a payment method. After all, their products are for the people who are "in the weeds" and used to working in digital currency. However, Dan tells us that after some time it became obvious how many sales they were losing out on due to customers who wanted to pay with more traditional payment methods.

He says, “When we started, our decision was to accept cryptocurrency only. After some period of time, we were faced with the fact that over 70% of crypto supporters are HODLers and introduced other forms of payment.”

Digitex Crypto & Proud

He acknowledged that you have to give your customers what they want and paying with Bitcoin wasn’t satisfying most. “Just like any transition,” he says, “this one will not happen fast since it is a very complicated process and years will pass until our hopes and dreams turn into reality.”

As a super-young startup, Crypto & Proud was launched in April of this year and has already struck up partnerships with some of the finest crypto brands around, including Tron, Deviant, and of course, Digitex Futures.

They also have a wide range of wearables for supporters of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, Golem, and NEO.

“We aim to constantly expand our collections with different products and create new collections forming partnerships with many crypto brands we believe in,” Dan enthuses.

Why Did Crypto & Proud Choose Digitex?

“We're not the best techies nor traders around," he admits, "but we can recognize a top notch company with a mission. We saw in Digitex a serious partner, a company who can deliver on its promises and with whom we're very lucky to work with thanks to the Crypto Playhouse team who recommended us. Zero-fee futures exchange? Say no more!”

We love the fact that Dan “gets” Digitex and the products available on the store will make you a fan of our colors--even if purple isn’t your favorite! He’s also personally invested in this industry and is one of the true believers. While price is important to all of us--we're traders after all--we want to form partnerships with people who understand that a bear market isn’t going to put the genie back in the bottle.

He agrees that the market has been “insanely harsh” and is putting all crypto companies to test, saying that “only those who are true to their mission will find support and survive.” That’s why it’s key to have an unshakable belief in where the industry is going--even if it means a few cutbacks along the way.

“Some say it was a Black Friday for crypto shopping,” he says, “others decided to quit and suffered great loss. But these are the times to push back, re-organize, re-structure and move forward with even stronger intensity.

We believe crypto is in its baby steps and we're excitedly looking into the future where blockchain will shake a huge number of industries to their core. It is hard to predict even what will happen over the weekend, but as time passes and crypto companies produce concrete results market will grow stronger and stronger.”

Here’s Why It’s an Excellent Time to Buy

Dan says that some 80-85% of crypto supporters are men, and this statistic has to be changed. So, while Crypto & Proud caters mainly the boys, they also have a unisex collection to include women as well--and they’re just dying to sell more small sizes!

He says, “We do have in plan to launch a women's only collection in the future. But for now, guys, make an effort and bring your girls into crypto, spark a little conversation by buying them a gift from our store for the Holidays! While you're there, grab something for yourself as well!”

With the holidays fast upon us and the Digitex launch just weeks away, there’s never been a better time to be crypto and proud. And if you use your special Digitex discount code YOUAREAWESOME, you’ll get 10% off your order! Visit here to see what's in-store!