Check Out This Cool New Feature on Our Exchange Interface


If you’ve been logging into the Digitex beta daily to practice your trading skills, you’ll have already noticed the latest feature we implemented yesterday. But if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, be sure to get on the testnet right now--you’re going to love it! Now, with our new “depth chart - position lines” feature, traders can enter a position and immediately see their entry price and liquidation point in an incredibly visual way.

Focusing on Usability Above All

Our main focus at Digitex is on making the platform as user-friendly as possible so that all types of traders can join in. With the depth chart - position lines feature, traders can immediately see their entry price and liquidation price. They know exactly where their entry price is in relation to the spot--and where their liquidation point is. Both prices are highlighted by two very obvious position lines.

The spot price line moves smoothly up and down as the spot price fluctuates and the trader can easily see how soon they’re going to be filled in a clean and visual way. As soon as the trader is flat, both position lines immediately vanish.

As Adam enthuses in the video, “It’s a very very visual indicator of what’s going on. I absolutely love it, it makes it so obvious what’s going on. I know I’m filled because, boom, those lines disappear.” Then, once the trader gets filled again, the lines reappear. It couldn’t be more simple.

We hope you love the new feature as much as we do and, rest assured, we’ve got plenty more up our sleeves when it comes to the UI for the live exchange. To use Adam’s words, “the new UI that we’re building is in full force… It’s looking totally sick.” We’ve got plenty more news, info, and features coming over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!