Pssst! Don’t Forget to Check Your Place on the Waitlist–The Stakes Are Rising

With 12 days to go until we close the waitlist, and just over three weeks until launch, the stakes are rising in the waitlist competition! On Friday, we gave you seven reasons why DGTX can only go up from here. But in reality, we have tons more plans and announcements in the pipeline to ensure that our exchange is a long-term contender. For now, here’s a quick reminder of why you should be fighting for your free DGTX.

DGTX Is in a New Bull Market

As BTC blasts through its 2019 ATM and ETH looks to be on a break-out toward $200, crypto market conditions are bullish all around right now. That said, this is the world of cryptocurrency and nothing is certain.

BTC still has to test $5,704 before we can confirm the bears are finally headed into hibernation.

Bitcoin chart

As the experts still debate over when (or whether) the bear market has officially ended, looking at the Fibonacci numbers, DGTX has broken its key resistance level. This means that DGTX has entered a new bull market once again.

Just as we proved before, DGTX price can easily outperform major coins even in a bear market. Independent of whether the latest crypto rally holds, our exchange token will increase in value.

Exchange Tokens Are Showing Immense Potential for ROI

We’ve highlighted the performance of many exchange tokens over recent weeks and they’re still bringing holders excellent ROI. BNB, Huobi Token, and KuCoin Shares are all faring extremely well. Exchange tokens have an obvious leg-up over many cryptocurrencies or tokens with no established use case.

They can be used to pay commission fees at a discount, to give holders staking power, voting rights, dividends, or, in DGTX’s case, entirely commission-free trading. Our exchange token has the greatest utility of all since it is the only way that traders can access the platform.

As we bring zero-fee trading and a diverse range of crypto and traditional futures markets to the mix, as well as the sleekest and fastest one-click trading ladder interface in the market, more traders will cross over to Digitex. This will steadily increase both the demand and the price for the DGTX token.

DGTX has 100 percent utility as an exchange token. However, it’s also more than proving its value for HODLing as well. At the current time of writing, DGTX has delivered investors a 1350% ROI from its ICO price!

The Price of DGTX Is Rising

Obviously, not mentioning the climbing price would be like failing to speak about the elephant in the room! DGTX is trading at above 12 cents at the moment, which means we’re very close to breaking our ATH! We’re also climbing CMC list by market cap! It won’t be long before we break through the $100,000,000 barrier.

Not only is this a great sign of the wide demand and acceptance of Digitex Futures as a mold-breaking project that will shake up the status quo, but to those subscribed to our waitlist, it means that the DGTX you’re competing for is steadily rising in value.

As that price keeps going up, so do the stakes. Right now, 100K DGTX is worth a massive $12,000–and rising! That’s some serious incentive to get referring and get in the game. And remember what we said? The price can only go up from here.

A Liquid Exchange from the Start

Everyone knows that the key to an active exchange is liquidity. Liquidity is the number one downfall of most decentralized exchanges right now. They simply don’t have enough traders and their orders can’t be matched.

Liquidity can often be a concern for a brand-new exchange as well. However, at Digitex, we’re confident of launching with a highly liquid exchange from day one. As well as the 100 million DGTX held back in our cold wallet for automated market makers, we will also have 10 million DGTX from our waitlist promotions.

That isn’t even taking into account the other 1.3 million people and more that we have on our waitlist!! We are absolutely sure of creating liquid futures markets with tight bid and offer spreads, even in volatile market conditions.

Get in the Game for Your DGTX

It’s still not too late to win free your DGTX! If you haven’t already, simply sign up and get your referral code using this link. Then get out there and start spreading the word! Also, be sure to stock up on DGTX while the price is still low!

You can buy DGTX directly from us in an instant trustless transaction from the Digitex Treasury or go through one of our trusted exchange partners. Things are starting to get real for the Digitex Futures exchange and the future of trading–don’t miss out!

If you’re not sure how to check your place, please check our FAQ for further instructions.