Drum Roll Please - The Countdown to the Digitex Mainnet Launch Is On


It’s official, you heard it from the SmartDec developers - we finally have a launch date for the Digitex Futures mainnet. April 27 will mark the day that the DFE came on to the scene shaking up the crypto derivatives space for good! After so much hard work, patience, and perseverance, we’re truly excited to see the fruits of all our labor. We can’t wait to make Adam’s dream a reality and offer zero-fee BTC futures trading at long last.

A Killer New UI and Mobile Responsive

If you’ve been enjoying trading on the beta, you’re going to seriously love the mainnet complete with the slickest UI in the industry. We’re proud of all the time and effort that has gone into our latest version.

It's a new vibrant color theme with new features. We’ll be gradually updating the testnet with it before the mainnet goes live, but if you want a sneak peek, head on over to the exchange page here - be sure to let us know what you think of it!

The trading ladder is such an intuitive way to trade, we’re certain that it will mark a new industry standard. It’s a no-brainer. When time is of the essence, why waste it with extra keyboard strokes and mouse clicks? The Digitex Futures exchange will also be mobile responsive when the mainnet goes live.

This will allow generations of new traders to achieve financial freedom, make single tick profits on the go from their mobile phones, and get into the zone using crypto’s only trading ladder on the slickest user interface in the space.

How the Mainnet Launch Will Work

The April 27 mainnet launch will be very similar to the release of the Digitex beta. We won’t open the doors to the public at large right from the very start. We’ll begin with a small group of traders (the same group we used for Alpha testing), just to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch. This kind of “soft” launch worked very well for us with the beta and we want to go about the mainnet in the same way.

We’re already confident of the volume we can handle, though. As the developers mentioned, the daily volumes on the testnet reach as high as 5 billion traded contracts! The beta has proven its technical competence, and we can’t wait for Digitex to step up and take its rightful place among the other top exchanges killing it in the space.

AMA with Adam About the Mainnet Launch Tuesday, Feb 4

We’re sure that you’ve got a ton of questions about the upcoming mainnet launch so Adam will be hosting a live AMA on Tuesday, Feb 4 at 7 pm MSK. If you’ve got questions for him, be sure to send them in via our socials so that our admins can take note of them and make sure you tune in at 7 pm MSK on this link to catch up with Adam live and direct from Moscow.

In the meantime, be sure to get your practice in and win some DGTX to trade with on the mainnet in the Digitex Trading Battle. Exciting times ahead!