Team Spotlight - Digitex Creative Director Maxim Bashmakov

Author: Christina Comben Date: 17 Oct 2019

With so much preparation for launch, we’re excited to let you know that the Digitex team is expanding even further. We now have over 25 SmartDec developers in our Moscow office and a design and creative team of five members working out of Kiev, Ukraine. In this article, we get to know our new Creative Director Maxim Bashmakov and what he’s doing for Digitex. Check it out.

Creative Changes at Digitex

In the short time that Maxim has been with Digitex, you may have already noticed some changes happening. For example, have you seen the new DGTX coin? Maybe you’ve also noticed the recurring bull design in our waitlist campaign. Well, it may be a bit of a cliche, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Designing the DGTX coin was one of Maxim’s first projects for us--and rightfully so! There was no better man for the job since Maxim himself has a personal collection of over 5,000 coins and outright admits to being a “coin fanatic!”

Moreover, Lidia and Maxim came up with the idea of the DGTX bull as being a sort of unofficial icon for Digitex as it embodies the spirit of Adam. His fearlessness, drive, daringness and determination — better known as the raging bull! And that’s only the tip of the iceberg… He and his team are working on so much behind the scenes including our new website, social media projects, and the exchange UX/UI.

Adam Todd DGTX coin

Meet Creative Director Maxim Bashmakov

So, what is Maxim’s background and how did he get to where he is today? He says, “my experience in the field of web design began in 2004 when I got a job in a web development company. After that, I grew from being a designer to an art director and, in 2007, I founded my own design agency with a partner.”

Since Maxim has worked at his agency, he’s had some major clients and accrued a ton of vital experience working with some major brand names from Gucci to McDonald's. His field of experience is vast, ranging from real estate and e-commerce to gaming platforms and the financial sector. Around two years ago, he started to get “actively engaged in blockchain projects.” He says:

“Now my goal is to build a professional team of marketing and design solutions for the Digitex platform so that it becomes the number one in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges and influences the blockchain technology market in the world.”

Maxim explains that this is born out of a desire to “never keep standing still” and to “always dream globally, build ambitious goals and plans and not give up when things don’t go as you planned; life always brings different surprises.” He’s also set on ensuring that every project he does is better than the last. With such an impressive body of work, he’s set to make the Digitex user interface truly spectacular.

How Maxim Got Involved with Cryptocurrency

As with everyone in this nascent industry, it’s always interesting to find out how they first got involved and how their journey started. Maxim says that he first heard about Bitcoin in 2013 “when the rate jumped from $200 to $1,000.” He explains that he reacted calmly at the time and didn’t pay too much attention as he was busy working on other projects.

However, having studied applied mathematics and programming in school (as well as marketing and design), and having also been a trader for some time, mainly trading Forex on Bittrex, his interest was naturally piqued.

He says, “I began to study and work with cryptocurrency more seriously at the beginning of 2017 when orders began to develop from ICO projects and every second client wanted to launch their ICO. Unfortunately, many good ideas and projects could not survive 2018.”

How Did He Hear About Digitex?

Maxim actually crossed paths with Adam and Lidia at a blockchain event in Miami. He says, “from my personal acquaintance with the Digitex team, I was struck by the openness and enthusiasm to build something global for everyone, and not just create a project for the money. After that, my acquaintance and study of the project began and my understanding of the global idea that Adam and the company were building, and I wanted to become part of this.”

When asked what excites him most about the project, he enthuses that he wants:

“To create the most convenient solution for traders from all over the world, so that Digitex becomes their favorite and most comfortable platform for users. I want to help give each user an exceptional experience and do everything I can to work with the exchange as efficiently and conveniently as possible.”

The Kiev team with Maxim at the helm are currently developing the entire visual design part for the exchange. They are also working on a new version of the UX/UI platform together with Adam and putting together a marketing plan for next year. This includes trying to envision what will happen in the near future and figuring out how to implement it in the platform.

The Cryptocurrency Scene in Ukraine

Ukraine is on the verge of giving cryptocurrency a legal status within the country. It’s actively aiming to create a thriving hub for blockchain companies. Given such an accepting stance from its government, I ask Maxim what the situation is like on the ground. How much do laypeople really know about cryptocurrencies and does he think Ukraine will become an important player?

“Ukrainians are much more knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies than most European countries,” he says. “At the moment, the Ukrainian government is more flexible in adopting different laws, so you can expect everything! Also in Ukraine, there are many traders, and developers who contribute to the globalization of the cryptocurrency market, so it will definitely be in a privileged place compared to other countries.”

When asked what he enjoys doing in his free time, he laughs, “is there free time? My hobby is my work, it is a hobby, and my purpose in life. My vacation is time with my family. I have three wonderful children whom I love very much and I want to be an example for them.”

He continues, “We’re living in an amazing time, now history is happening before our eyes and I am glad that I am participating in a project that will make a global contribution to the development of blockchain technologies in the world.”