Crypto Playhouse Asks All You Want to Know About Digitex Futures

Adam shares why he thinks the Early Access Waitlist will hit one million before the platform goes live, what the differences between the Digitex Futures Exchange version one and version two will be, and the future of futures in general!
As the three of them discuss the trajectory of the mold-breaking exchange, Adam replies candidly with honest answers and enthusiastic predictions for the future. As social media advisors for Digitex over the past few months, Crypto Playhouse has been helping fuel our social channels, especially Instagram–and they’ve seen the insane hype surrounding us right now with their own eyes.

Not only has the Digitex community exploded to unimaginable numbers, but we also hit the number one channel on Telegram the other day, leaving Binance in the dust at number seven! We even surpassed the number of followers that BitMEX has on Twitter!
Crypto Playhouse has a 90% rejection rate on the projects they come on board with and, calling Digitex the “new kids on the block,” both Austin and Dan compliment the team on our ability to drum up viral marketing and get our voices heard!
But it doesn’t stop there. Just as a great product is nothing without marketing, marketing alone won’t make a great product. Adam gets deep in this interview, unveiling how we’re working behind the scenes to deliver the most robust and user-friendly product possible, and how we’ll allow scalpers to trade and make profits, as well as giving a simple explanation of DGTX tokenomics and our inflationary model.
We also reveal a little-known secret that we’ve been keeping from you regarding Plasma technology and the Digitex exchange! Check it out!