Digitex Futures - Behind the Scenes at Malta Blockchain Summit

Author: Christina Comben Date: 07 Nov 2018

The moment we’d been talking about for so long finally came. Malta Blockchain Summit was an explosion for everyone’s senses--literally. Organizer Eman Pulis had expected to attract some 6,000 guests maximum. On the first day, over 8,500 people were mingling between the investor area, the exposition floor, the conference room, and--of course--the multiple bars.

It felt like an amazing achievement for the tiny Mediterranean island with a progressive government and friendly approach to blockchain technology. Not only have they smashed all records becoming the first and only country to regulate crypto, DLT, and exchanges, but they attracted John McAfee and Sophia the Robot to their shores! And over 8,000 curious people anxious to know more.

The Intercontinental Hotel venue was perfect with the same eclectic mix of people that crypto conferences always attract. The bizarre, the bullish, the bearded, and a smattering of glamazon models handing out the flyers.

I can’t speak for other companies at the event but whatever expectations our team had from Malta, they weren’t only met but exceeded in every way possible. The excitement, enthusiasm, and reactions of traders and laypeople alike to the real working demo left us wrapping up the three-day marathon on an ecstatic high.

The Digitex Team at Malta

The Digitex stand for those of you following the photos or Adam’s live stream on social stood out for all the right reasons!

I’m biased. But I was also there. And our stand was the biggest, best, and one of the busiest throughout the entire conference! We even attracted Maltese political figures, high-flying futures traders, and journalists from Bloomberg, Forbes, Bitcoinist, Cryptoslate, and a ton of other publications asking questions. 

With no less than five large-screen televisions, we had a backdrop of our promo video running throughout the day catching people’s eyes. And then two screens dedicated to demos which Emmanuel, Sona, Adam, Lee, and Dimitrij spent unlimited time going through with potential investors and anyone simply curious to see what the best BitMEX alternative looks like.

One of the most colorful characters of the whole show (apart from maybe one team who brought along their own dinosaur mascot) was a man called Andres. A Digitex advocate from a small town in Germany, he holds some 6.5 million DGTX and is a firm believer in the project. So firm, in fact, that he donned a Digitex cap and began to hand out scratch cards to our prize draw, answering questions as people flocked to the stand!

[caption id="attachment_1586" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Andres Digitex Fan Andres Digitex Fan[/caption]

Andres was there almost every moment with a huge smile and kind words of support. In fact, it wasn’t just Andres, but the overwhelming amount of people who rocked up at the stand with words of encouragement and positivity surrounding the project.

I remember one particular investor who sold horses in Bitcoin and currently uses BitMEX to hedge his bets. He’s chomping at the bit for the Digitex exchange to open for trading and he isn’t alone.

Our community on Telegram surpasses anything else in the blockchain world. Thanks to all your support, we’ve built a world-class game-changing product in less than a year. Now I’ve seen it for myself, I can honestly say, I have never seen such a dedicated, determined, and downright smart group of technical talent.

[caption id="attachment_1588" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Digitex Team Vlad, Dmitrij and Sona — Digitex team members[/caption]

In my role as Editor-in-Chief, I was answering as many questions as I could and countering objections when they came up, as well as coordinating interviews with our colorful CEO.

Say what you want about Adam Todd, but no one can accuse him of being anything less than himself at all times. He swears on live TV giving me palpitations, he makes me wince by saying that KYC is a waste of time, and he refuses to dress himself up as something he isn’t. He’s a pit trader with an incredible vision. And we’re getting closer to realizing it.

It Wasn't All Smooth Sailing

These conferences are always hectic and of course, we had our last-minute issues, many of which had half the team up until 5 am some mornings. Malta, as advanced as it is on regulation and emerging tech, really needs to think about its WIFI connections at conferences.

Many of our followers were disappointed that we couldn’t live stream the demo to them earlier on. We really wanted to, but the technical hitches were out of our hands--on the second day, we bought our own router.

Many people said that Adam looked nervous as he gave his keynote. And you know what? I believe he was. He’s not a public speaker, he’s a trader. But wouldn’t you rather have a man who knows everything there is about futures trading and building a robust and sophisticated engine, than someone who knows how to sweet talk a hall full of delegates?

Adam is a numbers guy and as you all saw from the live demo, that’s when he’s in his element. He can’t tone down his authentic character and that’s what makes him and this project so genuine and so surely bound to succeed.

The FUD 

Now I’m going to address the elephant in the room — the FUD. The DGTX tanked in value after the conference closed, undoubtedly one of the most upsetting moments ever for all the team and community that had put in so much hard work, heart, and soul.

After three days of working day and night, the last thing I expected as I arrived home to my two small children after a long journey back was to hear that Telegram was blowing up and we were being accused of selling off coins, initiating an exit scam, and a bunch of other inconceivable things. It was a cold, hard, slap in the face that came out of nowhere--and a harsh reminder that this brave new world of crypto is indeed subject to FUD and high volatility.

I always avoid giving my personal opinion on the price of DGTX. Firstly because I think it’s probably illegal, and secondly because it’s unethical. Nobody knows. I don’t want to give advice and then see something unexpected happen out of the blue.

But after spending time with such a professional, dedicated, inspired, hardworking, and helpful team with a camaraderie that makes us all friends and not just colleagues, I feel invested more than ever in this project, regardless of price fluctuations. 

So, as we get over the post-conference blues and our Telegram team continues to answer any questions you have, I want to take the best away from Malta and not just the dip in token price.

Let’s Remember Folks

We’re just weeks away from V1 of the Digitex Futures official launch! Commission-free futures trading is about to become a reality. We’ve got plenty of exciting announcements to come that we can't reveal just yet, and we've got a smashing team, and a real working product that’s about to become the BitMEX killer!

We're also working at the cutting-edge of blockchain tech with Plasma Protocol, and Adam’s dream even came true when one of his fans asked to take a selfie with him!

Selfie with Adam

All these things and so many more make Digitex Futures worth believing in, and our people worthy of respect. We hope that you'll continue to support us throughout the launch and for many more years to come.