The Digitex Futures Early Access Waitlist Reopens for Q2 Public Launch

The Digitex Early Access waitlist for the closed Beta version of our commission-free futures exchange was a roaring success. We were overwhelmed with the attention we drew throughout the campaign. With over 850K+ names on the list, we caused quite a stir in the community–and we have you all to thank for that!

We’ve already been in touch with the first 5,000 lucky traders who’ll start onboarding to the platform next week. But for the rest of you wondering what’s next, the great news is that the waitlist has opened up again! And even better than that? Many of you have already been promoting it and we’ve had over 5,000 new signups in under two days!

Why Reopen the Early Access Waitlist?

We realized as the numbers shot up every day that the waitlist is an excellent way of reaching potential new traders. Not only did it see the word about Digitex spread like wildfire throughout the world, but it also gave our loyal community a chance to compete for free DGTX!

We still have more than 800K+ legitimate users waiting to get onto the public exchange. So, why not give them the same opportunity to get to the first 5000 in the queue and earn DGTX tokens to trade with? You won’t have to sign up again, but you’ll still be able to make referrals, invite friends, and go higher up the queue. After all, who doesn’t want to be in with another chance of winning free DGTX?

Just like the initial waitlist contest, the prizes will be the same this time around. We’ll transfer 1,000 DGTX to the first 5,000 names on the list upon public launch and reward the top 10 with 100K DGTX each.

To withdraw your 1,000 free DGTX, you must first buy and sell a total of 1,000 futures contracts (500 round turns which would be approx 50K in DGTX volume at 10X leverage). This encourages our testers to actually use the platform, putting it through its paces and creating liquid markets that will allow our developers to really stress test our matching engine and iron out bugs quickly.

The Waitlist Number Will Soon Be Adjusted

You may notice over the next few days that the waitlist total number has been adjusted. That’s because we’ll be removing more than 50,000 fraudulent emails from it. It’s hard to believe, but people get super creative when it comes to free money! We also have to blacklist several names.

This is nothing to be alarmed about and did not affect the winning names negatively at all since all fraudulent emails were deleted.

Moreover, the first 5,000 names who will be trialing the platform have been removed from the waitlist as well. They will be able to sign up to the waitlist again but to give everyone an equal chance of winning, will start at the back of the queue. Like everyone else, they can start moving up the queue by referring friends to the waitlist.

We already know that our commission-free futures exchange is going to be highly liquid, but the more traders we can onboard the better! So, sign back up, keep on referring, and let’s make 2019 even better than 2018!

Even More DGTX Giveaways Coming Up!

Since we know that you traders love a bit of competition, we’ll be launching a special video promotion available to all our 5,000 Beta testers.

The benefits of this again are multiple. We’ll be giving our first testers the chance to earn more bonus DGTX by making trading videos about the platform. This will give other traders on the list the chance to get a look at the platform and watch other traders to follow their style and tips.

Not only will we pay a flat fee in DGTX for every trading video submitted, but we’ll also be offering large prizes for the trading videos that get the most comments, likes and engagement on the video makers’ own social media pages. This will encourage our testers to promote their videos on social media and the web, giving Digitex massive exposure through user-generated content.

With loads of well-optimized trading videos out there and the chance to see just how simple it is to trade through the Digitex platform, we’ll get even more eyes turning to us. We can grow the Digitex Futures community even bigger with a swelling waitlist in the millions. And when we open the doors to the public in quarter two, they’ll already have a good understanding of how the platform works and how they want to trade.

We hit it out of the park with the viral marketing of our ICO a year ago, getting 250,000 signups in just 2 weeks and then selling out the ICO in just 17 minutes. Then we hit it out of the park again by getting almost one million people to sign up to our early access waitlist.

And guess what? We’re going to hit it out of the park again with our public launch waitlist! We’re aiming for huge numbers now – except this time we’ve gotten REALLY good at this viral marketing game and we’re starting from a base of almost a million people instead of from zero.

A Special Thank You to the First 5,000

So, to wrap up, we want to thank you all for helping us spread the word about Digitex Futures with a special thank you to the first 5,000 on the list. Not only have you assisted us tremendously in drumming up enthusiasm, curiosity, and media attention around the project, but your contribution to making Digitex Futures better is undeniable.

By using the platform and putting it through its paces, you will be instrumental in providing us key feedback about user experience or any features you would like to see. You’ll help us make sure there are no bugs and that, through this highly critical phase, we’ll build the most robust exchange possible.

We’re going many places this year and we’re excited to have you on board!