Digitex Futures Early Access Waitlist Hits 100K

Author: Christina Comben Date: 13 Sep 2018

So, things are getting real. In just five weeks our Early Access Waitlist has gone from zero to over 100K and we can hardly contain our excitement! The Digitex Futures community is growing exponentially every day and that’s good news for everyone involved. More traders mean more demand. More demand means more liquidity. And more community members only make us stronger.
When we look back on the year so far, it’s hard to believe that we’re almost ready to roll out our commission-free futures exchange. When so many ICO projects have failed to deliver, we’re proud and excited to see our hard work and promises come to fruition--and also that the word is getting out!
After all, why should traders have to pay commissions to a third-party when using a decentralized technology? Why should we get hit by hefty fees that turn profitable days into losing ones? With the state of the highly volatile crypto markets today, commission-free futures trading has never been so important or relevant.
We can’t wait to help futures traders and token holders alike make a viable living and sizeable ROI through our commission-free exchange and native token. And as our social following grows, our Telegram group swells, and the waitlist gets bigger and bigger, we can tell that you can’t either! So, be sure to spread the word!
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Tell a Friend to Get Higher on the List

Joining our Early Access Waitlist not only gives you instant insights on our latest developments and news but if you’re among the top 5,000, you’ll be one of the very first to try out our platform! Moreover, you can start commission-free trading without using your own funds--there’s 1,000 free DGTX on us!
For these privileged 5,000, we’ll be airdropping 1,000 DGTX to their accounts to play around with the platform. They’ll get to see the reality of commission-free trading for themselves--and just how simple and profitable it can be.
But you may be wondering, with the waitlist getting longer by the day, how do you get to the top? It’s easy. Simply refer a friend and get bumped up the list. The more you refer, the higher you go! This is viral marketing at its best.
Of course, we’d like to say that we’re doing this out of the kindness of our own hearts, but we have an ulterior motive: we get increased liquidity, a stronger community, and a better, more robust product! How?
The first 5,000 won’t only be enjoying the benefits of commission-free trading; they’ll be testing out the trading engine, making comments, leaving feedback, and providing the perfect test environment for our developers. This means we can ensure the Digitex Futures trading platform is 100 percent bug-free, user-friendly, and packed with the features our community members demand.

Who’s Signing Up to Digitex Futures Right Now?

The DGTX is a clear utility token--traders need to purchase it to be able to trade in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ether futures. But that doesn’t stop its value going up! And that doesn’t mean it’s for futures traders only either. In fact, all crypto enthusiasts and token holders can clearly see the value of DGTX. It’s already showing a huge ROI potential and was the third biggest gainer on Coinmarketcap last month!
Digitex Futures is a truly unique, game-changing model. Having our own native token allows us to remove trading fees and as demand goes up, so does the token’s value. The more the merrier! So if you haven’t signed up yet, be sure you do, and find out how you can make money on futures trading even in a bear market. And then let your friends know, too!
We’re getting ready to kick the competition and their commission fees to the curb. And, as more and more people want to take part, the buzz around Digitex Futures isn’t going unnoticed! We’ve been gathering more and more mentions in the press in respected crypto and fintech publications and our CEO Adam is doing more interviews all the time.
We’re confident that we’ll have one million users signed up by the time we roll out the platform to the public early 2019. That means an overwhelming demand for the DGTX token and a super surge in value. It’s only a matter of time before everyone gets on board with Digitex.
With the explosive interest we’ve witnessed so far, 100K on the waitlist, 12 more weeks to go, our live demo at the Malta Blockchain Summit, and social media blowing up around the clock, things are on the up and up for Digitex Futures and our community!