Digitex Futures Exchange Is Ready to Launch on 30th April


This is it--the date you’ve all been waiting for! Digitex Futures is officially ready to launch to the public on 30th April, and we couldn’t be more excited! In a matter of weeks, we will be opening the doors to welcome you all to the Digitex Futures exchange!

What to Expect from the Launch

From the launch date, Digitex users will have access to an array of assets which includes futures contracts for BTC, LTC, and ETH, along with traditional futures for commodities, metals, Forex, and indices. Futures traders can also benefit from up to 100x leverage.

Because these assets cover both crypto and traditional futures markets, Digitex will be among the first exchanges to bridge the gap between both worlds. This will appeal both to retail traders trading traditional futures markets and those wishing to diversify their portfolios.

It’s important to note that only holders of the DGTX token can trade on the exchange. This is because it’s the DGTX token that underpins our unique, zero-fee trading model. The call for zero-fee trading is what will drive demand for the DGTX token, creating a self-fulfilling cycle of growth.

This means that Digitex is the first-ever exchange whose interests are aligned with our users. Our users are DGTX holders who want the value of the token to go up, and so do we.

The Best Developers in the Industry

Our one-click ladder trading interface will make trading simple, seamless and lightning-fast. Upon launch, Digitex will be available to users in 23 different languages. The mobile app will also be ready in quarter two to allow for rapid-fire trading on the go.

Bringing all this together in time for the launch date, we have a top team of industry experts. This comprises our developer team in Dublin, smart contract experts based in Moscow, and our exchange software solutions partners in Cyprus.

For more details on this, stay tuned for a special live AMA with Keith Wareing on Monday at 3:30 CET. Adam will be giving him the details of the secret sauce allowing us to expand the front end features of our exchange and build something truly extraordinary!

The first 5,000 subscribers on the Digitex closed-beta waitlist will be given an exclusive sneak peek at the exchange for a short time ahead of the launch.

They will finally be able to access the platform and their DGTX as testers and try out all the exchange features with some initial trades before we open to the public at large.

The Digitex Treasury Token Sale Is Now Open

Over one million of you have signed up for the waitlist in eager anticipation of the launch, along with nearly 66,000 in our Telegram group and over 60,000 Twitter followers! So, we know there is an enthusiastic audience of users waiting for the launch.

This is great news since our Digitex Treasury token sales begin today! At the start of 2019, we announced the creation of the Digitex Treasury, which will lock up 100 million DGTX tokens for release every quarter over the next two and a half years.

We’re offering traders an easier way to get started trading on the platform. Rather than going through the process of setting up an account on an exchange, traders can purchase directly from us in a simple, instant, trustless transaction.

This will make life easier for traders at the same time as helping fund the ongoing operations and free commission policy of the Digitex exchange.

This Is Just the Beginning

The proceeds from the Treasury token sales will be used to fund further development, marketing, and operational costs of the Digitex exchange. We have big plans for the future, including commission-free spot trading, the multilingual mobile app, and adding more futures contracts as Digitex grows.

However, the most significant upcoming milestone after the launch of the Digitex exchange is the implementation of Plasma protocol. This will operationalize decentralized, non-custodial account balances alongside high-speed, on-chain trading.

Each user account will be held securely on an independent, immutable smart contract that cannot be changed or tampered with by anyone inside or outside of Digitex.

The smart contract will communicate with an Ethereum Plasma-enabled side chain in real-time, enabling instant trade settlements at a speed of 25,000 transactions per second. That’s 1,500 times faster than the Ethereum main chain currently operates! This is cutting-edge blockchain technology, and Digitex is among the first projects to bring it to life.

Now’s the Time to Get Your DGTX!

Remember, all the trading benefits of the Digitex Futures exchange are exclusively available to holders of DGTX tokens. If you aren’t yet HODLing yours in advance of the launch, you can buy DGTX in the Digitex Treasury token sale, or, for smaller amounts, you can go through one of our excellent exchange partners.

It’s also not too late to sign up for the waitlist or join the conversation in our lively and excited Telegram group. For questions about treasury token sale drop a line to us on our support portal. Roll on 30th April!