Digitex Futures: A Leading Company in Cryptocurrency Futures Trading

Author: Dave Reiter Date: 18 Oct 2018

Fifty years from now, financial historians will look back on the first two decades of the 21st century and quickly realize it was a great time to be in business. Not only were there so many new disruptive technologies and innovative solutions, but a ton of pioneering companies involved in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, as well.
We’re still in the infancy stage of these two industries, yet tremendous opportunities await traders, investors, and entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency and blockchain universe. Let’s take a look at one of the most innovative companies and why it’s going to rise above the rest in futures trading.

Digitex Futures Set to Rise Above the Rest

Digitex Futures is 100% commission-free. There are no hidden fees or service charges. Digitex is able to make such an exceptional offer because the exchange has minted its own native cryptocurrency, the DGTX token.
All Digitex traders will use the token to place trades in their respective accounts. Additionally, all account balances, profit and loss statements, margin requirements and tick sizes will be denominated in the DGTX token. Without question, DGTX is the “secret ingredient” that allows Digitex to provide its customers with commission-free trading.
In addition to commission-free trading and safety of customer funds through the latest technology, Digitex will rise above the competition by offering traders a state-of-the-art user interface for placing trades and interacting with their accounts.
The Digitex Futures exchange will use a one-click ladder trading interface. This type of platform is incredibly beneficial to the active trader because it eliminates multiple mouse clicks, which can cause delays and lost trading opportunities.
Digitex will also eliminate the need for traders to use a keyboard when placing a trade. The DDigitex interface is another example of the firm’s desire to create an exceptional trading experience.

The DGTX Token Is Outperforming the Competition

Digitex conducted its initial coin offering (ICO) on January 15, 2018. A total of 700M DGTX tokens were released to the general public at a price of $0.01 per token. The ICO was considered a huge success, as all tokens were sold in 17 minutes, netting Digitex $5.4 million.
How has DGTX performed since the ICO on January 15? The results have been truly remarkable. After trading sideways for the first seven months of its existence, DGTX generated a bullish breakout on August 21, trading @ $0.0181 per token.
August 21 turned out to be a “red letter” day for DGTX because the token has never again traded below its ICO price of $0.01. The token has been moving steadily higher for the past two months.
DGTX performanceAs you can see from the table, DGTX has exploded to the upside during the first two weeks of October. The token has increased by 231% since October 1. More importantly, daily volume has increased significantly as well.
On October 1, DGTX volume was less than $400K. In less than three weeks, daily volume has moved above $2M. In percentage terms, this represents an increase of 476%! It’s very uncommon for a token to experience such a dramatic rise in volume over a short period of time. This is definitely a bullish development in an overall bear market.
Although it’s impossible to predict the future, the recent price action (along with the heavy volume) looks quite bullish for the DGTX token.    

Who Says Cryptocurrencies Are in a Bear Market?

Digitex Futures finds itself in a very favorable position. Not only is the futures market growing exponentially to a trillion-dollar-market, but Digitex has chosen the perfect time to establish a presence in the crypto industry.
Since the market is bearish overall, futures trading allows traders to make money on small price fluctuations. When there are no commission fees to pay, that means traders can choose high-frequency trading with lower profits, without their wins turning into losses.
As an added bonus, Digitex is clearly separating itself from the competition by offering a superior product and service (based on the features we discussed earlier). Commission-free trading along with the DGTX token will place Digitex in the “sweet spot” of the cryptocurrency futures trading industry.

Wrapping it Up

Thanks to blockchain technology, over the course of the next decade, we will witness a substantial increase in the number of businesses that migrate to the blockchain. With an innovative business model and entering the market just at the right time, as futures is exploding and cryoto markets bearish, 2019 is shaping up to be a great year for Digitex!   
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