Digitex Futures Russian Telegram Group Is Officially Launched

We’re excited to announce that we’ve officially launched our Russian Telegram group. Now our Russian-speaking community members and anyone in the region who wants to find out more about Digitex can join in the conversation! We’re confident of making a splash in the world’s largest country with our commission-free non-custodial exchange; especially now that our development team is located in Moscow.

Russia Is a Key Market for Cryptocurrency

P2P exchange LocalBitcoins reports that 26.5 percent of its users come from Russia. This beats all other countries making up more than one-quarter of its whole user base. On top of that, further research found that for some 12 percent of users in this vast land, cryptocurrency is their main source of income.

With a tech-savvy population and crypto-friendly mindset, Russia makes an obvious choice for us to build a new community. On top of translating and localizing our website into Russian, we’ve now opened up a Telegram group with regular and active support in the Russian language.

Head of Foreign Community Management Dmitrij Szewcow, who will be running the Telegram Group enthused, “I’m really excited to open up the Digitex community to a Russian audience. There are many cryptocurrency users and traders in this region and it will be a huge step starting the Digitex conversation here, especially with our development team in Moscow.”

With a 10-strong development team working alongside our CEO in the Russian capital, our aim is to really grow demand in this market, and further afield. As Dmitrij went on to say, “We also have the website translated in Russian and the exchange will also be translated and localized, so it will be easier to onboard traders from new markets.”

The Importance of Localized Communities

The Russian Telegram group will be a great start and something of a learning experience for the Digitex team in talking to audiences in their native language. After all, translating your website is one thing; offering customer support and a place to foster community dialogue in their native language is another.

We understand that to truly reach new markets, website translation is just one part of the process. This is why we’re working on building communities, offering support, and spreading the word about our project to new eyes around the world. South Korea, China, and Japan will all be key markets for us, along with Russia, and these will be the next places we look to move into.

If you know anyone with contacts in this region, we’d certainly love the help. And for now, if you speak Russian or know any cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts who do, be sure to sign up to the Digitex Russian Telegram group now.