Digitex Partners with Howdoo — Blockchain Companies on the Cutting-Edge

Author: Digitex News Date: 28 Nov 2018

You know by now about our value propositions and how non-custodial commission-free futures trading is going to shape crypto over the years ahead. How demand for our native DGTX token will be constant and our exchange highly liquid. That our Early Access Waitlist is already well above 500K and that we have one of the the biggest Telegram groups in the cryptosphere... But what you may not know about Digitex Futures is that we like to support other companies that are innovative in the blockchain space.

We’ve already partnered with some of the quirkiest, smartest, and most respected influencers in crypto, including the Bad Crypto duo and Crypto Playhouse. We’ve teamed up with Matter Inc. to incorporate Ethereum's scaling solution, Plasma, into our technology stack to provide our traders with decentralized account balances.

And now we’re announcing our latest partnership with the mold-breaking blockchain social media platform Howdoo

What Is Howdoo?

In 2016, David Brierley, the CEO of Howdoo had an epiphany. The time was right to improve upon old social media platforms using new technology and a less exploitative approach. One that did not curb creativity nor view its users as a commodity.

Using blockchain, gamification, and a return to a purer form of social engagement, he began to build his decentralized dream which has evolved into Howdoo today.

Howdoo is a social media platform where you decide what you see and share--and with whom. A social media platform that rewards everyone and is for everyone, users, content creators, and advertisers alike.

Users of Howdoo can connect with family, friends, their favorite artists, brands, and businesses on a platform that delivers a unique experience where engagement with people and advertising is rewarded with µDoos, the currency of Howdoo.

These can be exchanged for cash or used on the platform to buy products or leave tips to say thank you to people and channels they love. They can also subscribe to exclusive content from their favorite musicians, podcasters, and artists.

Content creators and Channel owners will enjoy greater financial rewards for their content, from likes, shares, and advertising generated from an incentivized following who will be drawn to their content on a platform that gives them control and the freedom to create the content they want.

On Howdoo, users also get the choice of being paid to share their information to enable advertisers to position targeted campaigns to a receptive audience and niche markets--while smart contracts provide enhanced campaign data.

Digitex and Howdoo Teaming Up

Our CEO Adam Todd loved the sound of Howdoo and its disruptive model that gives power back to its users. He said:

"Platforms like Howdoo are the future of social media. They’re giving users back control of their data and letting them shape their own online experience. I believe that in these changing times, blockchain companies should support each other. Howdoo is shaking up social media just as Digitex is changing the face of futures trading and putting the user first. We couldn’t be happier to partner with Howdoo as they change the way people interact online. Once they launch, we'll be the first to start utilizing the platform with our exclusive trading videos. We see this as an ideal opportunity to expand and build our growing community of traders."

After all, ever since his dream of providing traders with a commission-free exchange that would allow them to make profits without the house always winning, that’s what he’s been working tirelessly to do.

Blockchain technology--and more specifically smart contract technology--means that users no longer have to trust the companies they work with. Just as Digitex will never be able to cancel trades or tamper with traders’ funds, Howdoo will never be able to force advertising upon its users, censor content on its platform, or reverse agreed-upon terms.

According to the team at Howdoo, Digitex, along with other blockchain businesses that support the platform will discover an environment in which crypto communities will not have to fear their views being silenced or their advertising constrained. Gone are the days when Facebook and Google and the other incumbent tech giants can prevent them from posting their content.

As a Launch Supporter, Digitex will join a team of established tech giants including HP Gaming and an array of stars, gamers, and leading influencers as Howdoo launches its Beta site next month. You can sign up now and join their Digitex Channel when it launches and discover for yourself exactly what social media feels like in a new era.