Digitex Futures Software Update from Dublin HQ

In case you didn’t catch the update in our newsletter yesterday, Adam is in Dublin with the development team from now until the Digitex launch. He’s there to work with the developers, help them out with anything they need and ensure that everything is running smoothly before the launch date next month.

And guess what? The good news is that everything is on track for the Digitex launch on January 15! Check out the update from the man himself in the video below or catch the highlights underneath.

The Digitex Futures Beta Version Rolls Out January 15

As promised, the first 5,000 will be getting access to the very first live version of the Digitex Futures trading exchange. Here are the details:

  • Bitcoin/USD market only
  • March contract
  • Market makers working to ensure tight, bid/offer spreads
  • Deposits and withdrawals disabled for the first version
  • 10x leverage maximum
  • English only

Making Sure We Can Walk Before We Run

We could do things differently and launch with all three futures markets at once, with 100x leverage, and deposits and withdrawals. But as Adam points out in the video update, we want to ensure the best possible product for our community of traders–or in his words:

“We’re not in a rush to mess things up.”

That’s why we will start with just one market to ensure that any bugs or possible problems, suggestions, and feedback are taken into account before launching the next markets.

Why are deposits and withdrawals disabled? The reasons for this are two-fold. First of all, this means that we don’t have to conduct KYC, which would dramatically slow down the process. And secondly, they aren’t needed. We’re not asking any traders to use their own money. We’re airdropping them free DGTX to trade with and learn how the platform works.

Since one market is pretty much the same as another, we’ll be making sure that our Bitcoin/USD market is water-tight before adding the next trading pairs. We’ll also start out cautiously with leverage since we want all our focus to be on making the exchange completely flawless.

We’ll then be adding Russian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and other languages as we see demand.

Roadmap for 2019

In other exciting news, Adam and the team are thrashing out an accurate and achievable roadmap which we will be releasing the first week of January. This will detail how and when we plan to add to the exchange. Exciting plans for the year ahead include our move into spot markets, additional futures markets, an API, mobile app, and trading tools.

After the initial release, Digitex programmers work in three-week sprints, following the Agile development model. This will carry on from launch, which means that every three weeks, major improvements and upgrades will continue to be rolled out onto the exchange. It’s just going to keep getting better as the year unfolds.

During the launch, Adam will also be making trading videos, “how-to” videos, live streams, live AMAs, and keeping everyone on board and in touch at all times.

The Early Access Waitlist Closes Soon

Our Early Access Waitlist is almost over and we’ll be announcing the winners on December 31. Remember that the top 10 will receive 100k DGTX each and the first 5,000 will get 1,000 DGTX to trade with!

If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time to join in the commission-free futures trading revolution! Adam enthuses:

“Everything’s on track. The team is super excited to launch the product.”

For those of you who don’t know, January 15 is the anniversary of our ICO. So we’ll be launching the Beta version of the exchange exactly one year after. It’s not complete and we’re going to be working hard over the next few years upgrading, but we’ve still achieved the almost impossible. Says Adam:

“We’ve done what we said we would do… From idea to launching the product in a year in the worst bear market you could imagine… we’ve done really well.”

If you have any questions about the launch or you just want to hang out and chat don’t hesitate to contact our Telegram team. Have a great weekend everyone!