Digitex Team Spotlight: Meet Your Community Managers


You’re used to speaking to Digitex Community managers every day in the Telegram group. But we thought we’d give you some more insights into the people you banter with in our lively chat. We’d also like to say a big thank you to Jolien, Radim, and all our admins for the excellent job they do--as well as all our large community for your continued support.

Meet Digitex Community Managers: Jolien

As many of you know, Jolien hails from Belgium. She’s been with Digitex since the Malta Blockchain Summit in November last year and says she was “instantly sold” on the idea after reading the whitepaper.

Apart from working as a Digitex Community Manager and Telegram admin, Jolien is a railroad train driver. She’s also passionate about playing football as well as trading cryptos.

“I have one big hobby and that is playing soccer in a local women's team,” she says. Jolien came to the cryptocurrency world somewhat later in the game, but her learning curve has been steep after diving straight in. 

“During the summer of 2017, I read about Bitcoin in an article online. I started to study it and bought Ethereum in September. I swing traded some projects until November,” she recalls.

What’s It Like Being Digitex Community Managers?

Jolien is one of Digitex’s biggest cheerleaders and one of the things she loves most about her job is the fact that “every day is different.” She says, “every shift I do gives new questions and I love to talk about Digitex. People are very thankful for the help we give them and it feels good to help them. I notice that there are too few females in crypto; it’s still a men's world.”

When asked if there’s anything she doesn’t like about working for Digitex, she laughs and says the FUD. “It’s not fun when people start to fud based on nothing concrete. I try to use my banhammer only as a last option but some people just keep going. Also, people keep calling me “Sir.” I understand they don’t know I’m a girl but after a while, it gets a bit irritating!”

By and large, though, she says the chat is usually positive and upbeat, “I don’t mind having a joke or two in the chat. I feel that when I take a relaxed position as a Telegram admin, people feel more relaxed and it makes everything easier.”

What she’s most excited about right now is the upcoming testnet launch and has even bought a new laptop just to trade. “Digitex changed my life,” she says, “I got a better vision about crypto and trading. Adam explained it in such an easy and clear way. I learned so much last few years. I am very excited about the future.”

Meet Digitex Community Managers: Radim

Radim is from the Czech Republic and is currently studying international business. The more he learns about the current monetary system, the more he sees blockchain as “an inevitable evolution of transferring value between individuals and groups of people.” He became hooked instantly and started to find out as much as he could from YouTubers and the internet. 

Radim first heard about Digitex through a friend who was getting excited about the ICO. He says, “as I was reading the whitepaper, I realized the potential and the need for something like Digitex Futures. To be honest, I always wanted to trade. As a child, I thought that there was nothing difficult about trading. You just buy something for 50 dollars, sell for 51 dollars, and you make a profit. Pretty early on, I learned that was not the case!”

He confesses, “That scared me. When I finished reading the whitepaper, I felt like my dream could actually come true. And it could be in the span of my lifetime. Having a zero-fee exchange of any sort is going to revolutionize international business forever.”

What’s It Like Being Digitex Community Managers?

Like Jolien, Radim enjoys his work helping people and talking about the project--and blockchain technology. He says, “I like talking to people in general and even more about blockchain. Just the opportunity that I can help someone on the other side of the world with understanding and using crypto is exciting for me. As well as the thought itself that I personally help the crypto adoption. I like seeing progress in attitude, understanding, and emotions of people in the chat. It’s just really fun.”

There are tough days as Digitex Community managers as well, he has to admit. Some days are not always the best. “I don’t want to be rude,” he says, “but I don’t like when people come and don’t even know why they joined the group or what the group is all about, and want to discuss their own topics.”

Like Jolien (and the rest of the team!) Radim can’t wait to see the testnet launch. When asked what he’s most looking forward to, he says, “Definitely the testnet, and mainnet afterward. It has been a long way. Only those who are strong survive. Adam is one of those guys with neverending positive thinking, and with SmartDec is capable of taking futures trading to a whole new level soon.”

Apart from DGTX, Radim personally likes Enjin coin for its great team and for bringing “true ownership of digital items.” He says, “The gaming industry is bigger than ever, and will grow rapidly. As a child, I hated the fact that once I stopped with one game, and started with a new one, I always had to start from square one. This rising opportunity makes me really happy, and for the first time, it won’t be just simply playing games but a potential financial aid for young people.”

In closing, he says, “I have chosen the topic of my Bachelor’s thesis in connection to Digitex Futures. So, I look forward to seeing how it will go, and what conclusions it will bring. I am really excited about this topic, and I hope that it will bring more attention to the Digitex Futures exchange.”

You can connect with Jolien and Radim in the Digitex Telegram group, as well as our five other friendly community managers who are always ready to help out and answer your questions. Not long to go now until the testnet launch--so get ready for commission-free trading!