The Digitex Waitlist Is Finally Closed at Over 1.5 Million

With everything that’s been going on at Digitex lately, we’ve hardly had time to catch our breath. Adam took the stage at Paris Blockchain Week Summit, the DGTX token went on a mini bull, and we released the first-ever demo of the exchange. If that wasn’t enough, our waitlist hit a staggering 1.5 million subscribers! It’s now officially closed and we’re going through the entries to find the winners–with just over one week left until we launch!

Free DGTX, You Say?

Yes, you read that right! Last month, we announced that to celebrate the public launch of the Digitex Futures exchange, we would be giving away no less than 6 million DGTX tokens to our top supporters on the waitlist. All subscribers had to do was refer their friends and traders to Digitex, and get them to sign up for the waitlist themselves using a unique referral code.

What Happens Next?

Now that the waitlist has closed, we’ve started to verify it. With so many people signed up, a thorough verification check will take us a week to conduct. This means that we will officially announce the top 10 winners on 1st May along with the top 5,000 who will each get DGTX airdropped to their accounts.

Remember, if you’re among the top 5,000 people who referred the most, you’ll win 1,000 DGTX. The top 10 referrers will get a cool 100k DGTX each.

We already know it’s been an immense success because subscriber numbers leaped by more than 100k in the first few weeks of April alone. And we’re pretty sure that no other blockchain project to date has managed to build a waitlist of nearly 1.5 million supporters before the product has even launched!

We will be opening our doors to the first 5,000 from our original waitlist competition on 30th April. The onboarding will be a gradual process to make sure that the software is functioning properly and can handle anything that so many traders throw at it!

We’re extremely confident that we will have a liquid exchange shortly after we launch. After all, we didn’t run the competition just because we’re nice, generous folk who want our best supporters to feel appreciated (well, not only that!).

Of course, the more people that get word of Digitex’s unique, zero-fee trading model, the more likely it is that our launch will be a roaring success. At Digitex, everything we do is part of our overarching strategy for the DGTX token to drive value for our users.

So It’s Not Just Free Money?

Well, kind of. The only condition is that each winner will need to trade 1,000 futures contracts on Digitex to be able to withdraw their DGTX from their account. Liquidity is the lifeblood of any exchange. No trader wants to risk losing profitability to slippage while orders are waiting to be matched. The way to eliminate this risk is by ensuring that there’s an active pool of traders placing orders.

Therefore, we want our competition winners to be among those contributing liquidity to the exchange right from the start. And we figure that anyone who wants to get their hands on free DGTX is eager to start enjoying the benefits of zero-fee trading on our platform, so it’s a win-win scenario!

If you’re a new trader who’s lucky enough to win DGTX and feeling intimidated by the thought of trading futures contracts, you don’t need to worry. We already have a ton of useful trading information in our news archives from experienced traders like Dave Reiter.

We’ll also be providing loads more invaluable educational resources and tips so even the most novice traders will be well-equipped to get up-and-running with futures trading. Our one-click ladder trading interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use however you like to trade.

More experienced traders will be happy to get access to advanced charting and analysis tools. With leverage, users also have the potential to reap substantial percentage gains from small movements in price. With markets in BTC, LTC, and ETH, as well as futures markets in metals, Forex, commodities, and stocks, we’ll be attracting a wide variety of crypto and non-crypto traders to our platform.

More DGTX Users = More Value for DGTX!

Of course, there’s a further benefit from spreading the word about Digitex and ensuring that our exchange is buzzing from day one. Our unique zero-fee trading model depends on the DGTX token. DGTX is the only means of accessing the exchange, and therefore only DGTX holders can benefit from zero fees. Demand for access to the exchange drives demand for DGTX, which helps to push the value of the token itself.

So running a waitlist competition like this helps us, and it helps our users as holders of DGTX. We get all the immense publicity and support that’s so important prior to launch. There’s a ready-made pool of people wanting to get their hands on their DGTX, contributing liquidity to the exchange. And, all this active trading only pushes the value of DGTX further, which benefits all our token holders.

Just Over One Week to Go!

Apart from the free DGTX that we’ll be gladly giving away to our deserving winners, the end of the waitlist means something much more important! There’s just over one week left to go until we launch our exchange to the world!

We can’t wait for all of you to see what we’ve been making, but we will be pragmatic about it. On 30th April, we’ll launch with one market to the first 5,000. Then over the next few days, we’ll be onboarding everyone else gradually and adding more and more markets.

We’ll also be listening to your invaluable feedback along the way, so be sure to stay tuned to our Telegram channel and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions–we’re almost there!