Adam’s Live AMA with Keith Wareing–Digitex Futures Partners with Spotware

In the below AMA with popular YouTuber, Keith Wareing, Adam commits to a new launch date–30th April. He also reveals our latest partnership with Cyprus-based software developers Spotware, the team behind the popular exchange platform cTrader.

Our Partnership with Spotware

The lowdown? In this entirely candid and brutally honest AMA, Adam talks about what we learned from the delayed Beta launch–as well as reveals our brand new software development partnership with Spotware, the guys behind cTrader.

We mentioned that we’ve been ramping up our development efforts. But this is the first time we’ve pulled back the curtain on our latest move. And with over 100 team members in Cyprus, Spotware has an excellent track record and reputation in building exchanges.

Adam explains that this is partly why Digitex is so confident in the launch date of 30th April. Not only can we deliver faster by partnering with this professional company, but we can offer traders a stable project with crypto futures, and additional markets, including forex, commodities, indices, and metals.

We’re going to be able to handle a huge amount of traffic with no problem, as well as be able to offer traders even more additional features, including charts, graphs, and advanced tools in the Digitex exchange.

Even cooler than that? For all their years of experience in exchanges, Spotware has never built a futures exchange before and we’re both really excited to be building something extraordinary together!

What Features Are Coming with the Public Launch?

As we’ve mentioned before, teaming up with experienced players like Spotware allows us to start with more markets than we originally planned. We’ll be opening with futures markets for BTC, LTC, and ETH, as well as forex, commodities, and indices.

This means that traditional futures traders can now trade commission-free in DGTX, and we can tap into a potentially huge market like the Forex, where some traders are making millions of dollars a day.

How Will the Exchange Look?

We’ll be borrowing a lot of front end features from the cTrader guys but it will all be customized Digitex style of course! As Adam mentions, these guys have the experience, so why reinvent the wheel? Of course, our trademark ladder interface will be on the exchange to the right-hand side. This is pivotal to the one-click trading we’re offering users.

Keith brings up an important question about the non-custodial side of the exchange. As we mentioned in our roadmap, that will be ready and integrated as soon as plasma protocol is ready later on this year, most likely with a Beta in the summer and a rollout in quarter three.

What Does Working with Spotware Mean?

As Adam explains, we learned a lot from missing the Beta launch. After a lot of thought, we decided we would benefit enormously from working with a team who has the experience and knowledge already in their arsenal.

The interface will offer many more tools, and be much more sophisticated, allowing for more traders and different types of traders straight from the launch.

The public API will also be ready from the beginning, so you can plug in your favorite program, such as Trading Box, right away. We’ll also be offering 100x, but for the first few days, trialing it out with 10x and perhaps one or two markets until we’re sure of getting it right. As Adam likes to say:

“We’re not in a rush to fuck things up!”

Exclusive Access to the First 5,000

We know that those of you who wanted exclusive access to the exchange have been waiting for your chance. As soon as we have things ready to go, you’ll be testing the exchange before public launch. We don’t have the exact date for this, but it will be shortly before the launch on 30th April.

Digitex Treasury

The token sales started last Friday and are off to a decent start. We’ve sold around one million tokens already and believe that number will go up as the launch date looms closer and we share with you trading videos, screenshots, and live streams.

For now, the Digitex Treasury is providing traders with an easier way of buying DGTX. Rather than going through the process of setting up an account on an exchange, traders can purchase directly from us in a simple, instant, trustless transaction.

What to Expect from Here on in

Adam let slip a personal move for him in the AMA. He’ll be leaving the United States and moving to Cyprus. This is partly to work closely with the development team. But also to avoid some of the stricter rules of the United States, and until we’re ready to decide exactly where we want Digitex HQ to put down its roots.

Adam believes that 2019 is going to be the year for crypto, that projects are coming out that are going to advance mass adoption, and institutional money is coming in. Things can only go up from here!

So keep an eye out for demos and live streams as soon as we get them and if you have any further questions, catch the whole video above or hop on over to our Telegram channel.