Meet Lidia, Our New Digital Marketing Manager

Author: Digitex News Date: 27 Jul 2018

The launch of the Digitex Futures Exchange is going to be game-changer for the futures trading market. There's no other futures exchange that offers commission-free futures trading. There are futures exchanges that charge fees, and there are commission-free exchanges, but Digitex is the only commission-free futures exchange.
Needless to say, the launch of this exchange will be very disruptive to the futures trading market. Therefore, leading up to the launch we have set aside our resources to build an excellent team, which will allow us to build a storm of buzz in the blockchain industry. It's vital that we do everything in our power to make this launch a success. For this, we have brought on the newest member of our team, Lidia who will be managing all the digital marketing initiatives.

Lidia's Thoughts For Marketing Direction

First thing I would like to address is that we have two audiences, our early token buyers and then the traders. Building a successful campaign starts with outlining our message and then successfully delivering that message to the right audience. As I've begun to analyze the current state of the project development, the features and benefits of the product, as well as understanding the relationship of the DGTX token to the exchange, I've started to organize that message. With that, I can pinpoint how to deliver and promote that message through a wide range of media sources.
One of the great things about working with Adam, along with the rest of the team is that everyone is very passionate about this project. It's hard finding people that are not only talented but also proud and enthusiastic. The team is very close, communicates all throughout the day and on to the late hours of the night. This is how I find faith in knowing that this project is going to be successful. As the old saying goes, "it take a village to raise a child," in many ways this exchange is like a child in its infancy. It's very delicate and has an enormous potential to be revolutionary. And we are continually expanding our team and community of brand ambassadors who feel just as passionate about this project.
The campaign will officially begin in August, yet this will be on a much smaller scale, in comparison to what we have planned as we approach Q4. Adam has set aside a generous amount of  resources and capital to allow for us to do what we need to do to make this a success. Having working capital makes all the difference in what we can actually accomplish, and I'm very grateful that we have this available to us. And I'm especially grateful to the early token buyers who made this possible. Your belief in Digitex is what allows us to make this dream a reality.
Although this post is a general introduction, I will do my best to keep you all informed with our campaign. I'm always open for any sort of opportunities for collaborations and partnerships, and if you feel that you would like to contribute to this project, I would love to hear from you! Email is best (, feel free to contact me and I will sure to get back to you. Even feedback and suggestions are always very valuable as we continue to try to better understand how to communicate to our audience and build this promotional campaign.
On that note, please stay tuned and I will be sure to keep you posted! A big thank you to Adam and the Digitex team for being so welcoming, and thank you to our community of supporters. Cheers!