May the New Year Bring You Real Rewards - Make Your Crypto Work for You


Another new year in the crypto space and it’s time to put your hard-earned stash to work. Due to its volatility, a lot of people have gotten burned with their crypto investments so far, but that doesn't mean you can't come out on top. With patience, practice, and discipline, you can make your crypto work for you so that the new year brings you real rewards.

Creating Winning Traders

There will be massive opportunities for novice and experienced traders alike to earn money on the Digitex Futures exchange this year--and not only upon mainnet launch. So, use this beta time wisely. Practice your style, hone your skills, and you’ll soon be able to make your testnet tokens work for you by earning real DGTX prizes.

You see, our mission at Digitex is to produce as many winning traders as possible. That’s why we’re creating a level playing field in which all traders have an equal chance to win. Not only are we removing the commissions from every trade but we’re also programming our market makers to lose.

Unlike every other exchange out there, Digitex enables and empowers short-term traders and scalpers. They actually have a mechanical edge built in their favor for the very first time. Where every other exchange siphons off traders’ profits with commissions (or even renders certain trading strategies impossible), Digitex creates a win-win environment for everyone.

We believe that our market maker setup is one of the most original and innovative in the cryptocurrency futures space. All profits made from liquidations will be allocated to our insurance fund, to protect the exchange and its users from worst-case scenarios.

However, unlike greedy exchanges like BitMEX whose insurance fund grows and grows with no drawdowns (to the point that it now holds almost 2% of the entire supply of BTC), ours will remain the same size constantly at 100m DGTX, no more, no less.

All excesses are allocated to our market makers who are actively trading and losing--giving all traders on the Digitex platform a greater chance of winning.

Turn Your Testnet Tokens into Real DGTX

We know you’re anxiously waiting for the mainnet launch in order to make your DGTX work for you at last. However, you won’t have to wait until the exchange is fully live to win real funds. Very soon, we’ll be announcing a mega trading tournament that will allow all traders on the beta to win real DGTX prizes from their practice sessions. They’ll even be able to earn in other ways… but more about that soon!

Traders can enter the ongoing competition as many times as they like and make their testnet tokens work for them, turning them into real DGTX. Prizes will be paid out every day so you won’t have to wait to receive your DGTX... Although seeing as you’ll need it for live trading on the mainnet, it makes sense to HODL.

In fact, as we inch closer to releasing the live DFE, HODLing and accumulating DGTX is an extremely smart move right now. The token price is undervalued. Seeing as it is all traders’ only passport to liquid, active, commission-free markets, demand can only increase. That makes DGTX a very sensible investment right now (carry out your own research first, of course).

What to Do with Your Other Crypto Assets

There are other ways to make your crypto work for you outside of the DFE, particularly while we’re still in beta mode. If you’re finding it just too hard to make profits from scalping on other exchanges and you don’t feel comfortable as a swing or position trader, you could try allocating a percentage of your ETH, BTC, or other selected cryptocurrencies to a high-interest account service like Celsius or BlockFi.

You can earn as much as 12% interest yearly on certain coins just by holding them with one of these (or a similar) service. Be sure you know who their custodians are and whether they have any type of insurance policy before parting with your private keys.

You can also try staking cryptocurrencies, such as Tezos, Decred, Dash, or Stellar. This is another simple way to earn a passive income and make your crypto work for you. You’ll have to lock it up in a designated wallet or stake pool but you’ll receive a payout after a while increasing your earnings while you HODL.

Wrapping It Up

If you’ve been burned by trading on an exchange whose edge is working against you or gotten REKT from holding the wrong position, this new year, there are other ways to make your crypto work for you. The first thing you need to do is sign up for an account on the Digitex beta (if you haven’t already) and then practice, practice, practice. The stakes are about to get higher and it’s time you went in it to win.