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by Dave Reiter
What happened to the dramatic rally in the crypto universe during the final few days of October? From 25-28 October, Bitcoin (BTC) enjoyed its most explosive three-day rally since 2011. Most crypto traders were convinced that this was the beginning of a bullish breakout. However, the rally quickly fizzled in...
28 Nov 2019
by Adam Todd
Our Alpha testing period is officially ending tonight at midnight Moscow time. At that time the developers will be closing it down to prepare everything for the official launch of the Beta platform which takes place at 5pm Moscow time on Saturday, November 30th. I’d like to take this opportunity...
27 Nov 2019
by Christina Comben
We asked and you delivered! Thanks so much to all our early testers for your commitment, positivity, enthusiasm, and hawk eyes! You’ve helped us to fix and improve upon many features of the Digitex testnet. For those of you ready and waiting for public access on Nov 30, keep in...
26 Nov 2019
by Luke Green
With Alpha testing making fantastic ground every day, the public testnet confirmed for November 30, a sold-out treasury and a platform as good as we all hoped (but even better than expected), Digitex is a hugely exciting project with a very bright future. A Comeback Two Years in the Making...
22 Nov 2019
by Christina Comben
With closed testing underway, we’ve been overwhelmed with the positive response so far. Our Alpha testers are an active group comprised of veteran traders, keen newcomers, Digitex supporters, and industry influencers who have all taken the time to try our testnet out. Today, we take a look at what two...
20 Nov 2019
by Christina Comben
We’re in full-on Alpha testing mode and the first traders are having a blast on the testnet so far. We wanted to get their feedback as soon as possible, so Adam held an Alpha Testing Telegram AMA with the group yesterday afternoon. There were tons of questions from “when silver...
19 Nov 2019